West Yorkshire Police worker 'prosecutes himself by accident'

A police worker has been lightly ridiculed by colleagues after accidentally prosecuting himself for having an untaxed vehicle.

Trafalgar House, Bradford. Pic: Google.
Trafalgar House, Bradford. Pic: Google.

Members of West Yorkshire Police's Roads Policing Unit (RPU) took to Twitter to mock another member of their team who appears to have put his own name on a form rather than the real offender.

They also posted the letter he received from the DVLA telling him he must pay £81 or be taken to court.

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It said the offence relates to an untaxed vehicle found in Bradford and appears to have been posted to the Trafalgar House police station at Nelson Street.

The "offender's" colleagues posted: "To the great amusement of the rest of the office, one of our colleagues managed to fill a form in incorrectly, and prosecuted himself for driving an untaxed vehicle!"

In a reference to what appears to be the office punishment they added: "Definitely a bunable offence? " complete with bakery-based emojis.

The RPU has had an extremely busy few weeks with two spells of extremely cold weather causing problems on the road across West Yorkshire.

The unit has chartered the mishaps of the drivers on the county's frozen roads in wry fashion on its social media feeds.