Which part of the day will be hottest on scorching Bank Holiday?

If you thought yesterday was hot, you're in for a treat today.

PICS: Bill Johnson and Glen Minikin
PICS: Bill Johnson and Glen Minikin

Bank holiday Monday is set to be one of the hottest days of the year, with temperatures of a blistering 25C anticipated over the county, so get out your barbecues, put on the sun cream and enjoy it while it lasts.

There are also warnings in place for high pollen counts and high UV levels across the country.

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CLICK HERE FOR TIPS ON RELIEVING HAY FEVER SYMPTOMSBut when exactly is prime-time to be outdoors today?

PICS: Bill Johnson and Glen Minikin

Well, according to the Met Office there isn't really a bad time to be outdoors.

Early evening could provide the highest temperatures as the blistering heat rises to its pinnacle, with highs of a whopping 25C predicted for 3pm until 7pm.

Here's your hour-by-hour forecast:

9am: Sunny, high: 16C

10am: Sunny, high: 17C

11am: Sunny, high: 20C

12pm: Sunny, high: 22C

1pm: Sunny, high: 23C

2pm: Sunny, high: 24C

3pm: Sunny, high: 25C

4pm: Sunny, high: 25C

5pm: Sunny, high: 25C

6pm: Sunny, high 25C

7pm: Sunny, high: 22C

8pm: Sunny, high: 20C

9pm: Clear, high: 19C

10pm: Clear, high: 17C

11pm: Clear, high: 16C

The Met Office website says: "A dry and very warm day for most, with long sunny spells. However, some patchy cloud may develop over the hills into the afternoon, and it will also be cooler along the coast with an onshore breeze."

It's set to be a warm night too, with minimum temperatures of 11C, so you might want to think about getting the fan out.

The Met Office website added: "Dry with long clear spells overnight, and with light winds the odd shallow mist or fog patch is possible in some river valleys. Minimum temperature 11 °C."