Why are Harrogate & Knaresborough in UK press?

Word of the Harrogate district's beauty is spreading far and wide.

The gorgeous Waterside at Knaresborough.

With Bettys & Taylors and Harrogate Spring Water flying the flag for Harrogate nationally and internationally, the national media are now starting to promote the district as a place well worth visiting as a tourist destination.Last weekend saw two of the UK's biggest newspapers give the area's glory a big push.The Nidd Gorge made an appearance in the Sunday Times Top 40 Days Out.The Guardian's Travel section, meanwhile, put Knaresborough and its lovely Waterside area in its Top 10 autumn breaks in small UK towns and cities.Featuring a huge photograph of the viaduct, the Nidd and the Waterside's cafes, the article written by Tom Blass did, however, have a minor side-swipe at Harrogate.He wrote: "School holidays saw my mother and me visiting my grandmother in Starbeck, a suburb of posh Harrogate, on the way to the pretty town of Knaresborough."Tom Blass is the author of The Naked Shore: Of the North Sea, which is published by Bloomsbury.

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