Why is your TV signal so poor in heatwave?

Everyone is loving the glorious summer weather - but it does have one downside.

Chris, Kerry and Steve Wray from A1 Aerials in Bridlington.
Chris, Kerry and Steve Wray from A1 Aerials in Bridlington.

TV viewers have been left frustrated by losing the signal on their sets on a daily basis.

It’s down to the high pressure, which has brought the sunshine and warm temperatures but is also playing havoc with the Freeview reception.

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Chris Wray, owner of A1 Aerials in Bridlington, said: “It’s the atmospherics and it is also down to the fact we are a long way away from our transmitter.

“When we get high pressure, the signal drops. It can happen at any time of the day.

“It doesn’t affect Sky or if you are streaming through the internet.”

Chris said he had been inundated with enquiries about the problem, but said there is very little viewers can do.

He urged people not to retune their Freeview boxes and replacing aerials or buying boosters was a waste of money

He has been giving customers from the BBC website which explains the problem.

“We have had phone calls about it from Scarborough to Skegness. I think some of them who have just moved to the area and have not experienced it before.

“If anybody wants any information, they can call into our shop and we will give them advice.

Problems with atmospherics have plagued Bridlington viewers for years, and the switch to digital TV has not solved the matter.

“When I first started in this job, you used to get German TV in the background during high pressure,” Chris added.

“These days, that doesn’t happen. You either have a signal or you don’t

Chris said the best advice was to make the most of the sunshine and the signal will eventually return to normal.

“Enjoy the nice weather and get outside or go down the pub,” he said.