Yorkshire bridge tragedy student to attend funeral of plunge victim

A student from Yorkshire will today attend the funeral in Florida of his best friend following a tragic accident involving a moving railway bridge.

Joe Cundall, 21, a former Heckmondwike Grammar School student from Dewsbury, was studying in the States after winning a soccer scholarship to Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.

He and his friend Kyle Conrad, were crossing the bridge in Ford Lauderdale on Saturday when it suddenly began to rise. Joe fell, breaking his ankle and cracking two vertebrae.

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Kyle fell into the New River and was pulled out by emergency services but they were unable to revive him. Joe was treated in hospital for his injuries before being released.

Joe and Kyle, who were described as "inseparable", spent last Friday celebrating the end of term.

They decided to take a shortcut via a railway bridge, which does not have pedestrian access.

Joe's uncle, Christopher Cundall, said: "They didn't expect the bridge to lift, and when it did they thought it would go down again. They weren't drunk or anything like that and they weren't trying to race over the bridge before it lifted again.

"Kyle was an all-American sporting hero and their relationship was like brothers."