YP Letters: Story brought back happy wartime memories

From: Mrs E J Fulford, Willerby, Hull.

The Ladybower Dam overflow.

I was most interested to read your feature about Ladybower Dam. I was born in Totley, Sheffield, in June 1928 and attended Notre Dame High School, Sheffield, from the age of 10.

In September 1939 Derwent Hall was taken over by the school and those pupils whose parents wished it were evacuated to Derwent Hall, accompanied by some nuns and teaching staff and of course domestic staff. My older sister and I were among these children.

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We witnessed the building of the dam on a day-to-day basis. I remember quite vividly that they used to fly a black flag if anyone was killed during the construction, rather a gruesome sight to a child of 11!

We were looked after very well by the nuns and all the teachers and staff and I was very happy while we were there. We all had regular visits from our parents and visited the tea rooms up the hill with them for a treat.

On Saturdays we used to go for lovely walks with Sister Julie and on Sundays had to attend a church where the vicar was called Rev Rouse.

I am sure it was my time at Derwent Hall that left me with a great love of Derbyshire and I have visited many times. I hope I will be able to visit the exhibition at Bamford.