Optical illusion: what you see first may reveal some secrets about your creative side

Optical illusions have fascinated we humans for centuries - tricking both mind and eye at the same time - but what you see and how you see it may reveal more than you realise about yourself.

Rabbit or duck? Experts believe that what you see first can be linked to personality types, mood and even the time of year.

The rabbit-duck conundrum is a famous optical illusion that has been around for centuries.

Believe it or not, some people have been found to be unable to flick effortlessly between the two images whilst others are able to switch between seeing a rabbit or a duck multiple times over short periods of time, very quickly.

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So how easy do you find it? Give it a go.

One piece of research by psychologist Richard Wiseman found that those who could see both at will very quickly were more creative in their thought process during a controlled test.

Other people cannot flick at all between the two, unless they move their head to a different angle, or reorient the paper to bring the rabbit or the duck into focus.

So which one are you?

And did you say with certainty, very quickly, 'that is a duck' or 'that is a rabbit'?

Do you change your language once you realise there are two animals in the picture? This is a key component of perception and conviction. Have you ever been absloutely certain of something before, only to find more context and detail that changes your mind?

This is one simple tool to help start a conversation with friends or family about the power of perception and the importance of keeping an open mind.