BBC wants wannabe antiques dealers for new series

Do you have an eye for antiques and enjoy going to auctions? Do you know the difference between a piece of Clarice Cliff and some Moorcroft?

Well here's your chance to make some serious money.

The BBC are looking for enthusiastic amateurs who would like to try their luck in learning to be an antiques dealer and take part in its exciting new series, Make Me a Dealer.

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'Antiques expert Paul Martin will be on hand to advise participants and teach them some tricks of the trade to help them identify items which they can hopefully sell for a good profit,' says a spokesperson for the series.

'You must be over 18 and happy to take a risk with your own money.'

As this is a programme about amateurs, the producers are not looking for professional dealers.

Applicants must be 18 years of age and over and have £100 of their own money to spend during the filming, with no reimbursement from the production.

For an application form, email [email protected] or write to the address below.

Make Me a Dealer

1st Floor

BBC Blackstaff House

62-66 Great Victoria Street



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