Lego is looking for someone to play around with bricks for £27,000 per year

by George Martin

Most of us have fond memories of playing around with Lego as a child. But for those who never quite grew up - the perfect job has just arrived.

The toy company has announced it is seeking a new Master Model Builder to spend all day crafting mesmerising Lego creations.

Sounds too good to be true? It gets better.

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Not only will the lucky brick-lover be given free reign to frolic around with Lego all day - they will also be paid a salary rumoured to be around £27,000 for the pleasure.

But sadly, as with most jobs, there's a catch.

22 in the world

The new position is one of only 22 jobs of its kind in the world, meaning competition for the role will be fierce.

Over 5,000 applications have already been received and the final 50 will have to battle it out to win the role - based in Lego's Birmingham Discovery Centre.

So heated is the competition that Lego bosses say staff currently in post at the royal household as well as distinguished barristers have put their credentials forward for consideration.

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The top 50 applicants will contest a ‘Brickfactor Challenge’ on Saturday 24 March designed to mimic an X-factor style knockout competition.

'Privileged position'

But if you're not put off by a challenge - the rewards are truly biblical.

The winner's office will be a custom-built studio next to Legoland Discovery Centre’s Creative Workshop, where they will construct structure attractions, curate exhibitions and mentor kids and families in the creation of their own model masterpieces.

On top of this there is quite a bit of money on offer. The equivalent role in the US was paid at $37,500 back in 2011 (roughly £27,000), although a company spokesman said this could vary based on experience.

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Amy Langham, General Manager at Legoland Discovery Centre, said: "The Master Model Builder role is such a privileged position to hold and the number of applications that we have received has come as no surprise.

"Given this role hankers creativity and excitement, giving someone the opportunity to win the job from a series of live challenges couldn’t be more fitting!"

Applications for the job close on March 21 - so you better brush up on your building skills.

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