Pedigree and Chappie dog food is being recalled - here's why

On 15 January, a recall of some of the UK’s most popular dog food brands was announced.

Mars Petcare UK – the company behind Chappie and Pedigree products – said it had declared a proactive recall on a number of products as they do not meet the company’s “high quality and safety standards”.

So which products are affected, and what should you do if you own any of them?

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    Here is everything you need to know.

    Why are the products being recalled?

    The products in question “could contain levels of Vitamin D”, which although unlikely to harm your pet after one feed, “may cause harm to your pet if consumed over several weeks”.

    The affected items include Chappie Complete, Pedigree Dry Mixer and Pedigree Complete Dry Chicken and Vegetables.

    “We are taking this proactive step to retrieve the listed products,” the company added.

    The company told The Sun: "As pet owners ourselves we’d like to apologise for any concern caused. We’ve announced this proactive recall to try and reach as many pet owners as possible with the information.”

    Which products are affected by the recall?

    The affected products can be identified by their lot code and the best before date, both of which will be printed on the bag.

    According to Mars Petcare, the lot codes and best before dates listed below are the only products impacted. All other batch codes and best before codes are unaffected by the recall.

    PEDIGREE Mixer Adult Dry Dog Food Original (3kg)

    • 046E9MIN05 Best Before Code 12.02.2022
    • 046F9MIN05 Best Before Code 20.02.2022
    • 048A9MIN05 Best Before Code 22.02.2022

    PEDIGREE Mixer Adult Dry Dog Food Original (10kg)

    • 046E9MIN08 Best Before Code 12.02.2022
    • 047C9MIN08 Best Before Code 17.02.2022

    PEDIGREE Adult Complete Dry Dog Food with Chicken and Vegetables (2.6kg)

    • 045F9MIN05 Best Before Code 06.02.2022
    • 047A9MIN05 Best Before Code 15.02.2022

    PEDIGREE Adult Complete Dry Dog Food with Chicken and Vegetables (12kg)

    • 046C9MIN08 Best Before Code 10.02.2022
    • 046D9MIN08 Best Before Code 11.02.2022
    • 046E9MIN08 Best Before Code 12.02.2022

    CHAPPIE Complete Chicken Dry Dog Food (3kg)

    • 045F9MIN05 Best Before Code 11.05.2022

    What should I do if I own any of these products?

    The full range of products affected by the recall (Photo: Mars Petcare UK)

    Consumers who have purchased these specific, affected products should cease feeding it to their pet and return the recalled product to the shop where they purchased it for a full refund.

    If you've lost your receipt or need further information, you can call Mars Petcare UK’s consumer care team on 0800 013 3131.

    If you have fed this product to your pet and they are exhibiting signs of illness, such as excessive drinking and urination, you should seek veterinary advice.

    The company told The Sun: "Over the weekend our customer care team heard from a number of pet owners who wanted to find out more about the recall and check if they have the product concerned.

    "This included a very small number who have shared that their pets have been feeling unwell and we are working with them to see if there is any direct link to the specific products."

    Mars Petcare UK said it was working with all of its distributors and retailers to ensure that the recalled products are no longer sold.

    A version of this article originally appeared on our sister title, the Scotsman