Poundland's new meal deal includes a sandwich, drink, chocolate AND crisps - but costs more than you might think

Meal deals are the staple of a lunchtime supermarket snack - and now Poundland is offering its own version.

But while most meal deals include a sandwich, drink and one choice of snack item, Poundland’s deal includes both chocolate AND crisps.

What options will Poundland’s meal deal include?

Sandwich options include:

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BLTCheese and onionChicken and baconChicken saladEgg mayoHam and cheeseTuna and sweetcornEgg and baconChicken and stuffing

The drinks list includes:

7Up Free (330ml)Barr Bubblegum (330ml)Barr Cream Soda (330ml)Barr Pineapple (330ml)Irn Bru (330ml)Old Jamacia Ginger Beer (330ml)P/Land still water (500ml)Pepsi Diet (250ml)Pepsi Max (250ml)Pepsi Max Cherry (250ml)R Whites Lemonade (330ml)Tango Cherry (330ml)Tango Orange (330ml)Tango Strawberry (330ml)Tango Tropical (330ml)Vimto Original (330ml

Crisp choices include:

QuaversReal cheese and onionReal salt and malt vinegarReal sea salt

Chocolate choices include:


How much will this meal deal cost?

Although Poundland’s meal deal comes in at around a pound cheaper than other offerings from Boots, Sainsbury's and M&S at £2, it’s one pound more than the store name suggests.

The cheapest meal deal currently on the market is B&M's - which costs just £1.75 - although this deal only includes a single snack.

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