Tested: The best premium Easter eggs

Looking to get something a little bit special this Easter?

We put premium Easter eggs from six of the major supermarkets to the test to determine which one is the best.

Morrisons Hand Decorated Belgian Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

200g, £4.00

Presentation: 3 | Taste: 3 | Thickness: 3 | Roll-ability: 5 | Overall score: 2 ½

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It looks nice but this basic Easter egg from Morrisons unfortunately doesn’t leave much of lasting impression. It’s a decent size, shape and design, however, the dark chocolate isn’t the best on the market and lacks any sort of wow factor. It only contains 54 per cent cocoa solids too, so not even that dark for chocolate connoisseurs who like it bitter.

M&S - Hand Painted Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg with mini marc de Champagne shimmered truffles

240g, £15Presentation: 4 |Taste: 3 |Thickness: 4 |Roll-ability: 2 |Truffles: Really boozy | Overall score: 3

It’s not just an egg, it’s a Marks and Spencer egg – and this luxurious offering from M&S really does look a treat. The egg tastes just like standard M&S chocolate, which is great but on a premium egg, was an anti-climax. On a more positive note the truffles are the booziest Easter chocolates.

Heston from Waitrose Eggstraordinary Dippy Easter Egg

420g, £20Presentation: 2 | Taste: 3 |Thickness: 4 |Roll-ability: 5 |Extra chocs: 5 | Overall score: 3

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Coming in at a whopping £20 this dark chocolate egg has been hand-sprayed with natural colours to make it look like a real egg. And it includes absolutely delicious mini sea salt caramel eggs as well as edible soil. Unfortunately the egg itself is not the taste explosion we were hoping for at £20.

Aldi, Moser Roth Privat Chocolatiers Easter Collection, Delectable Duo

200g, £4.99Presentation: 4 |Taste: 3 |Thickness: 2 |Roll-ability: 0 | Overall score: 3

It’s a tale of two halves from Aldi. On one side you’ve got a less than impressive salted caramel and white chocolate swirl, then on the other a rich milk chocolate offering. It’s a strong contender from the budget supermarket.

JOINT WINNER - Co-op Irresistible Single Origin Ecuadorian Milk Chocolate Gem, with rich Cornish sea salted caramel truffles

300g,£7.00Presentation: 4 |Taste: 4 | Thickness: 4 |Roll-ability: 2 |Extra chocs:4 | Overall score: 4

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Co-op’s egg looks great and tastes divine. Made with fairtrade Ecuadorian milk chocolate, it’s creamy, a decent size and even comes with delicious Cornish sea salted caramel truffles. It’s one of the best on the market and the outright winner of our taste test.

JOINT WINNER - Sainsbury’s Godiva The Spring Collection

Presentation: 3 | Taste: 5 |Thickness: 3 | Roll-ability: 0 |Truffles: 4 |Overall score: 4

This pretty-in-pink egg from Sainsbury’s certainly tastes as good as it looks. Made from a scrumptious Belgian milk chocolate, the Godiva egg also comes with 13 gold wrapped white chocolate and praline filled eggs – ideal for sharing if you want to keep the egg shell to yourself.