TESTED: The best supermarket hot cross buns

We tested the luxury hot cross buns on offer at six major supermarkets to find out which are the best.

Heston from Waitrose Simnel Inspired Hot Cross Buns (£1.89 for two)

Two Easter treats swirled into one Simnel inspired hot cross bun, scented with orange and packed with vine fruits, marzipan pieces and almonds these are the most expensive in our test and the best looking. Buttery and fruity, but the marzipan divided opinion in the office bringing down the score. 3/5

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Morrisons The Best Extra Fruity Hot Cross Bun (£1, 4 pack)

A solid effort from Morrisons but a little bready in comparison to the competition. Suffers from a lack of glaze and dry first bite. 2.5/5

Co-op Irresistible Hand Finished Cranberry & Brioche Hot Cross Buns (£1.25, 4 pack)

Big in size but unfortunately these cranberry and brioche hot cross buns from Co-op don’t quite make the cut. Lacking in fruit and too crumbly to butter, it’s a battle just to get them out the toaster. 2/5

Aldi Specially Selected mixed fruit Hot Cross Buns (99p, 4 pack)

General fruity flavour without being overridingly orangey and a good texture without being dry even after toasting. The buns also contain plenty of actual fruit including raisins and some (unadvertised) pumpkin seeds. 3/5

M&S salted caramel & chocolate Hot Cross Buns (£1.70, 4 pack)

Jumping on to the salted caramel trend might have seemed like a good idea at the time but these just don’t taste like hot cross buns - closer to stale doughnuts crossed with pan au chocolat 1.5/5

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WINNER - M&S Cranberry & Orange Hot Cross Buns (£1.70, 4 pack)

Cranberry and orange appear to be the flavour of choice this year for hot cross buns but M&S’s offering are one of the best on the market. Filled with a decent amount of cranberries, raisins and citrus peel, these buns taste great toasted with butter or just plain. Yes, we've given M&S two bites of the cherry here - but these were too good to ignore. 4/5

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