Bedroom ideas 2021: how to decorate your bedroom, with ideas for cosy throws, cushions, candles and flowers

All the essential items you need to make your bedroom cosy and beautifulAll the essential items you need to make your bedroom cosy and beautiful
All the essential items you need to make your bedroom cosy and beautiful | Shutterstock

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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house as it’s where you spend most of your time.

You need your bedroom to be a calming sanctuary you can relax in at the end of the day, but yet also a practical space you can use at the beginning of the day to get ready.

It’s not easy to achieve a look which serves both of those purposes well, but a few carefully chosen items can help you do just that.

Here is our guide to all the essential items you need to pull of a bedroom look that is both serene, but stylish and functional - including clocks, photo frames, blankets and vases.

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The Conran Shop

Bring the beauty of nature into your bedroom with this elegant handcrafted decorative item.

Presenting a beautiful strawflower suspended in polyester resin, each one-of-a-kind object is handcrafted in Japan.

The cube faultlessly showcases the beauty of the flower, allowing it to be admired from every angle. It makes for a unique alternative to the classic bouquet which can be enjoyed day after day, week after week and month after month.

The Conran Shop

Exclusively available at The Conran Shop, this unusual vase makes a statement in contemporary interior décor.

The vase, with it’s unique curved shape, is crafted by skilled artisans in Poland to achieve the finest possible finish. It looks particularly striking when a beautiful bouquet of flowers or some twinkling lights are added, but it also looks stunning stood alone.

Marks and Spencer

Add a warm touch to your bedroom with this rainbow light-up candle.

Lighting the candle triggers the LED lights that wrap around it, creating a beautiful, but subtle, rainbow glow.

This single candle is presented in a glass jar and is citronella scented with notes of grapefruit and pomello, making it a lovely table addition to your space.

It features a variety of colours, so it will easily compliment your chosen colour scheme too.

Marks and Spencer

Instantly infuse your bedroom with a soothing aroma and delicate mist with this luxurious ultrasonic diffuser.

Use with the calm fragrance oil included, or with any of your favourite fragrance oils depending on your mood.

Complete with auto stop feature and warm illuminating LED light, this sleek and silent diffuser will enhance your home with gorgeous fragrance for up to six hours per use.

Turn it on as you are starting your night time routine to that when you come to fall asleep you’ll be surrounded by lovely fragrance.

Marks and Spencer

One of the best ways to make a home feel like yours quickly is to put up your own images - be it photos of your family and friends or prints of your favourite artwork.

You can create a standout gallery wall in your bedroom with this (very reasonably priced) set of eight frames.

It comes with a stencil and step-by-step instructions to help you along the way so you can be sure they’ll be arranged perfectly on your wall. All the frames are made from wood and are for wall hanging only.

Available with black, grey or white frames.

Marks and Spencer

This weighted blanket, in a beautiful duck egg shade of blue, is the new must have bedroom accessory.

It has been specially designed to soothe restlessness, aid relaxation and promote better quality sleep.

Its weighted filling creates a gentle, even pressure across your body which fosters a sense of stillness and calm, helping you to switch off for the night.

A velvet soft cover ensures you feel both comfy and cosy, plus its removable, allowing it to be washed and dried easily. This is specifically for adults.

Marks and Spencer

If there’s one thing you can never have enough of, it’s storage.

With a beautifully upholstered finish and hardwood feet, this blanket box will look chic sitting at the end of your bed for a fabulously stylish yet functional piece for any space.

Easily lifting up to reveal generous space for sheets, duvets and clothes, this storage blanket box is ideal in master bedrooms and guest rooms alike.

Made in the UK and complete with an antibacterial finish to keep it fresh and clean, this storage chest is a great way to help tidy up your room - and it also doubles as comfy seating.

Available in eight different colours, and single, double and king bed sizes, with prices from £279 to £379.


This unique palm tree lamp is not only functional, boasting three separate light sources, but it would also be a stunning focal point in the centre of your bedroom.

It has been carefully hand painted in a gold finish that reflects back a beautiful warm glow so when you look at it you will truly feel transported to a desert island.

This design is also available as a table lamp or floor lamp to really complete the look.


This beautiful pink light up globe may not be a traditional choice for a bedside lamp, but it’s the perfect choice for anyone with a love of travelling.

It is, of course, still functional as a globe too so it’s perfect for educational purposes. Even if you don’t see it in your master bedroom it could be perfect for the kids’ room.

Whether you’re looking for your next holiday destination, or you just need a touch of mood lighting, this globe light is sure to impress.

Including a USB cable that can be powered using either a USB connection or a mains plug socket; this would be the perfect addition to any room.

Was £110, now £49.95.


Bedroom lighting has never looked so stylish and sleek - or been so practical - thanks to this smart lamp.

Fitted with a wireless charging base, this is the lamp you never knew you needed as it will unsure you’ll never be without phone battery again.

Just set down your compatible smartphone and it will begin charging - with the added bonus that they’ll be no more tangled wires by the bedside.

Complete with three temperature modes, pick the right light for you. There’s even a sleep function to help you sleep better.

Available in white or black.


This clock features a minimalist and modern design.

With an 8.5 inch (21.5 cm) diameter, the clock can act as a standalone piece or accompany a broader series of wall decor.

It’s also a silent clock, so while it’s functional there won’t any ticking sounds keeping you awake at night when you’re trying to sleep.

Show off this sleek gold clock on a table top or alternatively, mount it to your wall by removing its base and using the included mounting hardware. 1AA battery is required.


Create your own engaging and modern gallery wall with this modern and striking piece.

This large, circular picture frame floats your pictures, with room to display a variety of pictures, illustrations and more.

It can be put up alone or could be layered with multiple items for a unique wall display or gallery wall.

Measures 21 inches in diameter (53 cm). Available in three finishes; brass (pictured), black and chrome.


One of the best - but inexpensive ways - to get that opulent look in your bedroom is to add cushions to your bed.

These understated but stylish cushions do just that - and the additional design adds texture and softness too.

Available in four colours; grey (pictured), blush, cream and navy, so there’s sure to be a colour to suit your chosen colour scheme.

The cover is removable too so it’s easy to wash - bonus.


This super soft throw is perfect to be placed at the end of your bed or over a chair.

It gives you extra style points in its own right, especially with the fun addition of the pom poms, but it will also be really handy on those colder autumn and winter nights when you need a blanket to keep warm.

Available in three different colours; rose, grey and natural (pictured)


If you’re not the best at keeping real plants alive, then this artificial plant is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

This gorgeous orchid has been created to look real - and nobody would ever know it wasn’t unless you chose to tell them.

It would look amazing stood in the corner of the room, or perhaps next to a chest of drawers or in a narrow alcove.

Available in pink or white.

Was £62.99, now £52.99.