25 Premier League questions to use for your online pub quiz

VIRTUAL pub quizzes may soon become a distant memory once lockdown restrictions are fully lifted but they are still proving one of the best ways to pass the time while in isolation.

Quiz questions. Pictures: Getty Images.
Quiz questions. Pictures: Getty Images.

In previous weeks we have brought you 25 sport questions to use for your online pub quiz and 25 football questions, to test your friends and family with.

This week, our selection of 25 questions will help you examine the Premier League knowledge of your quiz participants.

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Feel free to use the whole list below or pick a selection of your favourites and why not grab a pen and paper and test yourself first with all the answers revealed at the bottom.

1. Who was the first club crowned Premier League Champions in the 1992-93 season?

2. Which club finished runners up?

3. Derby County hold the unwanted record of worst points total after 38 games, how many did they get?

4. Eight Englishmen occupy spots in the top 10 all-time Premier League goalscorer list, can you name the two non-English players that make up the other two spots?

5. How many Yorkshire clubs have played in the Premier League? a) 6 b) 8 c) 10

6. Alan Shearer holds the record for most Premier League goals scored, how many does he have?

7. The fastest Premier League goal was scored in 7.69 seconds by Southampton's Shane Long against which team?

8. Who holds the record for the fastest Premier League hat-trick, which was scored in two minutes and 56 seconds?

9. Which goalkeeper has kept the most Premier League clean sheets with 202?

10. What team has lost the most Premier League games with 380?

11. Who is the longest-serving manager currently in the Premier League?

12. How many points did Liverpool earn in the 2018-19 season to become the best runners-up in Premier League history?

13. How many clubs have played in the Premier League? a) 39 b) 44 c) 49

14. True or False - An English manager has never won the Premier League?

15. The record for the most draws in a Premier League season is 18 and is shared by three clubs, can you name them?

16. Former Leeds United star Norman Hunter was the first recipient of the PFA Player of the Year Award - who was the most recent winner?

17. Two players have won the PFA Player of the Year award in consecutive seasons in the Premier League era, can you name them both?

18. Which of these countries has not had a player win the PFA Player of the Year during the Premier League era? a) Belgium b) Egypt c) Scotland

19. Barnsley were relegated from the Premier League in their only season in the competition in 1997-98, in what was the only year that all three promoted clubs went straight back down. Can you name the other two relegated teams from that year?

20. Derby County share the record with what club for most defeats (29) in a 38-game season?

21. Which club boasts the longest unbeaten home run in Premier League history, not losing for 86 games?

22. Who did Leicester City beat 9-0 to record the biggest away win in the Premier League era?

23. What was the score when Portsmouth defeated Reading in the highest-scoring Premier League match in 2007?

24. Manchester City clinched their first Premier League title in dramatic fashion in 2012 with Sergio Aguero striking the winning goal against QPR in stoppage time, but which player's goal sparked the comeback for City, after they were trailing 2-1 heading into added time?

25. The Premier League's most subbed on player has appeared for the likes of Aston Villa, Liverpool and Burnley, who is he?

1. Manchester United; 2. Aston Villa; 3. 11 (eleven); 4. Thierry Henry and Sergio Aguero; 5. b) 8 (eight); 6. 260; 7. Watford; 8. Sadio Mane; 9. Peter Cech; 10. West Ham United; 11. Eddie Howe. 12. 97; 13. c) 49; 14. True; 15. Manchester City, Sheffield United, Southampton; 16. Virgil Van Dijk; 17. Thierry Henry and Cristiano Ronaldo; 18. c) Scotland. 19. Bolton Wanderers and Crystal Palace. 20. Sunderland; 21. Chelsea; 22. Southampton; 23. 7 (seven) - 4 (four); 24. Edin Dzeko; 25. Peter Crouch.

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