Callum Styles on whether Barnsley FC head coach Markus Schopp has an angry side

MARKUS SCHOPP is not a 'Mr Angry' type when getting his point across to his Barnsley players - unlike his predecessor who could blow a gasket on occasions.

But according to midfielder Callum Styles, the Austrian is clear and concise in his instructions and lets his players know in no uncertain terms when there is something he does not like - without necessarily showing his fury.

On whether Schopp possesses an angry side, Styles said: "Not so much angry, but he just gets his point across.

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"If we are not doing our jobs, he will tell us to keep our standards high, but if we are doing well, he will tell us as well and he has got a good balance as a manager."

Barnsley FC head coach Markus Schopp. Picture: Bruce Rollinson.

A ranter and a raver he may not be, but Schopp, whose side visit Blackpool on Saturday, has been happy to see his young side - hit by the absence of some key players for spells in a disruptive start to the season in many ways - show their battling qualities of late, an important trait in a long nine-month campaign.

It was very much in evidence in the recent gutsy draw at Stoke, when tempers briefly frayed on the touchline late on.

On the pitch, Barnsley's players are certainly showing themselves to be no shrinking violets and Styles believes that showing some positive aggression - without stepping over the mark on the pitch - it is an important quality to display in the opening salvos of a season.

Styles, part of a Reds side who will be backed by 3,000 fans at Bloomfield Road this weekend, added: "We are playing a lot more football, but we need to get that aggression and togetherness we showed against Stoke (regularly) and hopefully we can get a good balance and kick on.

"Sometimes, a team will come out of the blocks very quick and sometimes, a team won't turn up. It is just about grafting out the ninety minutes plus to get points because at the end of the day, it is the points that count and not the performance. Although obviously good performances do lead to good results.

"The players that have come in and stepped in for the players that are injured have done really well and have added to our strength in depth.

"We have also gained a lot of experience in the Championship over the past two seasons and it is about building on that and putting that point into the mixture."