Cellino shows no class, says Leeds United legend

LEEDS United should retain Steve Evans as head coach for next season, club legend Andy Ritchie says.

Steve Evans

The Eighties Elland Road star, who later managed Oldham, Huddersfield and Barnsley, says Leeds owner Massimo Cellino has shown a lack of class and is wrong to jeopardise the club’s stability.

Saying Evans has “done a great job”, Ritchie adds: “I think we need to have that stability and if we have a new head coach there will be people that he won’t want at the football club, he’ll want to bring new people in and there will be uncertainty again with the players.

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“There will be a new regime, it will be a new way of training with most probably a new system in place of how he wants to play.

I just feel it’s too much change every three or four months and the players must be getting sick of it, I would have thought.”

Ritchie, writing in the Yorkshire Evening Post, also says Cellino has shown a lack of class in approaching other coaches while Evans is still in post.

He says: “Speaking to other head coaches whilst Steve is still in charge is not very classy is it? Well. I don’t think it is.

“And how does Steve put up with it? For me, it seems as though they are trying to force him out and make him quit. It looks like they are trying to force his hand, if you like.”