City could be ‘given away’ if court bid fails

IF the appeal against his proposed re-branding of Hull City fails, Assem Allam has promised to give the Premier League club away.

Hull City owner Assem Allam and family on the terraces

The Tigers’ chairman is “reasonably confident” of getting a belated green light to his proposal to re-name the club ‘Hull Tigers’ after launching an appeal with the Court of Arbitration.

But, in the meantime, Hull remain up for sale with Allam, who yesterday declined to reveal what price he has put on the club, admitting he has fielded several enquiries.

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He said: “This announcement is in accordance with my decision 10 months ago that I would walk away within 24 hours (if the re-brand was unsuccessful). In actual fact, it was 22 hours. When I say something, I mean it. I don’t call bluffs.”

Pressed on what would happen if the appeal was rejected, Allam, who insists his family will remain “fully committed” to the club until either it is sold or a decision comes from the Court of Arbitration, immediately replied: “Give it away.

“Out means I’m out. You know me, have I ever said something and gone back on it?

“I said three years ago, ‘I sever my relationship with the Council’. Have I gone back, no? For your information, there was many attempts for me to go back and discuss the freehold.

“No way. Gone. Finished. I can’t see me living without principles. Life’s not worth having.”

Asked if by admitting the club could be given away for free if he was driving down any potential sale price, Allam replied: “I am not a wheeler dealer, someone who asks, ‘Who will pay more?’

“I wouldn’t want to sell to anyone if they don’t know the full truth. I wouldn’t hide anything. I’d rather be open and then everyone knows.”