This is where Barnsley, Hull City and Huddersfield will finish IF the Championship season resumes - Football Manager 2020

Barnsley, Hull City and Huddersfield Town await further updates on their 2019/20 Championship season - but where are they tipped to finish if or when the fixture list resumes?

This is where Barnsley, Hull City and Huddersfield Town will finish in the Championship - if the season resumes.

Well, we've been in touch with Football Manager 2020 - the popular strategy game - and asked them to simulate the remainder of the current campaign.

They kindly provided - so scroll and click through the pages to see how the relegation battle is tipped to play out. It makes for interesting viewing...

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W25 D13 L8 GD+34
W24 D14 L8 GD+33
W22 D13 L11 GD+21
W22 D12 L12 GD+38 *beat Fulham 1-0 at Wembley
W21 D14 L11 GD+14
W20 D14 L12 GD+3
W18 D14 L14 GD+8
W19 D11 L15 GD+2
W18 D11 L17 GD+7
W15 D20 L11 GD0
W16 D15 L15 GD0
W15 D17 L14 GD-2
W14 D19 L13 GD-1
W16 D13 L17 GD-10
W15 D14 L17 GD-5
W15 D12 L19 GD-7
W15 D11 L20 GD-11
W15 D9 L22 GD-6
W13 D14 L19 GD-13
W11 D17 L18 GD-11
W12 D9 L25 GD-19
W12 D8 L26 GD-32
W11 D10 L25 GD-16
W11 D10 L25 GD-27