New Premier League predictions for Sheffield United, Burnley, Luton Town and Everton after historic points deduction

A historic points deduction for Everton has changed the landscape of the Premier League relegation battle.

The Toffees have been docked 10 points, plunging them into the bottom three and lifting Luton Town out of it.

Burnley remain bottom but Sheffield United have moved up to 18th.

It remains to be seen how much of an impact the deduction will have in the long-term, although it is not unusual for fates to be decided by fine margins.

The BETSiE supercomputer has been deployed in the immediate aftermath of Everton’s points deduction, which is the biggest in the history of the Premier League.

It has simulated the season a staggering 100,000 times in order to develop a final projection for the table.

Here is how it expects the Premier League table to look, and how it expects the relegation battle to play out following a significant blow for Sean Dyche’s Everton.