Premier League table without VAR: Where Arsenal, Manchester City, Aston Villa and Liverpool would sit

The current Premier League season has been plagued by VAR controversy, with title contenders Liverpool and Arsenal among those to have been involved in the drama.

Once seen as the answer to controversies regarding decisions, VAR has proven divisive and is dominating both pre-match and post-match conversations. A number of top managers have openly criticised VAR and have been joined by pundits, players and fans. Even the most staunch defenders of the system have had to admit it has flaws.

Liverpool, despite being on the wrong end of some controversial decisions, currently sit top of the Premier League on 37 points. They are one point ahead of Arsenal, who are hot on the heels of the pace-setters. Aston Villa have stunned fans with a rise to third in the table and they are currently above Manchester City, who sit fourth. Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United complete the current top six, sitting in fifth and sixth respectively.

But how different would the Premier League table look if it was not for VAR? Taking into account VAR decisions that have led to goals being awarded or disallowed, including via penalties, here is how the table could look.