Carefest II: Free music festival for care workers in South Yorkshire

CARE workers will be thanked with the return of their own free music festival next week in Sheffield.

Carefest free live music, food and drinks for care workers
Carefest free live music, food and drinks for care workers

Carefest II, following a successful inaugural event last year, is back at Thorncliffe Business Park, in Chapeltown, on Monday, July 25.

It celebrates the collective achievements and unwavering commitment of carers, nurses, doctors, emergency services and other healthcare workers.

The festival is totally free and even has free food and drink for carers, no matter which agency they work for, explained host Dan Archer, Managing Director of in-home care provider, Visiting Angels.

He said carers work incredibly hard and don't always get the credit they're due and the event was launched in 2021 to celebrate their collective achievements and unwavering commitment.

It is a long-awaited opportunity for them to relax and enjoy the entertainment in the sun with their families, he added.

He said: “After the success of last year and having been able to see how much our dedicated carers were in need of a chance to blow off some steam, we had to put Carefest on again!

"2022 has finally seen us wave goodbye to restrictions and the worst of how the pandemic impacted our lives, but the sacrifices and incredible dedication of our frontline staff shouldn’t be forgotten.

"Those in the healthcare industry and emergency services continue to put themselves under immense pressure every day to provide for those in need and, now we aren’t clapping for carers, we should show our gratitude more than ever.”

Carefest, described as having a family-fun feel, aims to be a much-needed celebration for Dan’s carers – called Angels – as well as anyone else working in the sector and in frontline services.

Kay Radford, General Manager of Visiting Angels South Yorkshire, believes it is events such as these that highlight the need for further industry-wide recognition of carers.

She said: “Visiting Angels puts its carers before anyone else. And it’s through events like Carefest we can show how proud we are as a community and industry to have such exceptional and dedicated people representing our values and delivering our services.

"We hope that days like these are the catalyst for further industry-wide recognition of carers and frontline staff as, although it’s an important step towards showing carers how much they’re valued, there are plenty of employers out there who don’t put carer wellbeing at the heart of their businesses like we do.

"But for now, we can’t wait to have a day of celebrating in the sun with great food, drinks and live music!”

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