Leeds Food and Drink Festival final day blessed with more sun at packed Millennium Square

Lovers of world cuisine piled into Millennium Square for the last day of Leeds Food and Drink Festival.

Tourists from Germany are pictured with fish and chips at the festival. Picture by Simon Hulme.

Eleven of the best food stalls at this weekend's Leeds Food & Drink FestivalThe annual three-day festival organised by Leeds City Council, The Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post returned for its ninth year on Friday to today with a selection of street food and delicacies.

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Mr Remmer said: "We love it, it's really good.

Matthew Yong pictured with a bubble waffle..30th June 2019.Picture by Simon Hulme.

"I think there's something for everyone, for all ages and the kids, I think it's great."

Mr Limer enjoyed food from Pavs Dhaba, a Punjabi stall which is usually based at the White Rose.

He said: "It was brilliant, really good. It's burning my mouth a bit now - that's why I had to get a pint."

Namaste India - a year-old joint venture of Megha Mehta, Pallavi Rane and Komal Patel, three city centre housewives - was serving at the event.

Leeds Food and Drink Festival, Millennium Square, Leeds..30th June 2019.Picture by Simon Hulme.

They hoped that being at the festival would raise their profile in the area after attending previous festivals and charity events.

"We just thought, people are loving our food, so we thought to do it on a bigger scale."

Joe Atkins, a sales assistant for Riverford Organic Farmers, a vegetable box delivery service, enjoyed some of the more unusual flavours on offer at the festival such as Union Coffee's cold sparkling black brew sold by the Mobile Jazz Cafe.

Mr Atkins said: "It's nice to see these kind of products and vendors on show. Often it can be a saturation off pulled pork and burgers, but actually there's a few different things to try."

Live music was performed by Al Bampton, a guitar teacher who enlisted his pupils to play alongside him for their Sunday Afternoon Project, which he runs to build up their confidence.