My arts list: Charlotte Gwimmer

Charlotte Gwimmer. Picture: Johan PerssonCharlotte Gwimmer. Picture: Johan Persson
Charlotte Gwimmer. Picture: Johan Persson
Charlotte Gwimmer is associate director of Sheffield Theatres and her latest production is Waiting for Godot.

I’ve been listening to: Music helps me to unwind so recently it has been country and western, cheesy pop, some soul, and Gram Parsons singing Grievous Angel, over and over again.

On TV, I’ve been watching: I dip into it when time allows, stuff like Masterchef, which does not require any concentration at all. For the “serious” side, I do like watching Channel 4 News, because I have to know what is going on around me. I enjoyed The Bridge at Christmas, and I loved the first series of True Detective.

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The film I last saw was: The Song of the Sea, which I saw with my son Danny, who is now four years old, a lovely story, beautifully told. It’s about a boy who goes on an odyssey to find out who his mother is, and it was incredibly moving. I turned around to Danny at the end of it, and he was in floods of tears – as, indeed, was I.

The live performance I’d recommend is: My colleague Daniel Evans’ brilliant staging of Showboat. It was the most joyous production, and a hugely important piece of musical theatre. Breathtaking.

My next box set will be: I really do have to catch up with Game of Thrones, purely because just about every important, talented, British actor is in it. I need to see what they are up to!

Waiting for Godot, Crucible Theatre, to February 27. 0114 249 6000,