Pocklington Arts Centre to host star of Bargain Hunt, David Harper, for Romp with the Georgians show

You’ve seen him on Bargain Hunt, Flog It, and Antiques Road Trip — now, he’s coming to Pocklington Arts Centre.
Dave Harper is bringing his family history show to Pocklington Arts Centre.Dave Harper is bringing his family history show to Pocklington Arts Centre.
Dave Harper is bringing his family history show to Pocklington Arts Centre.

David Harper’s A Romp with the Georgians is a funny, family-friendly history show which reveals all the stories our history teachers didn’t tell us: peculiar pets, outrageous binge drinking, dodgy cosmetic surgery, plus more. ⁣

An artist, a public / after dinner speaker, auctioneer and writer, Harper’s recently published book of the same name is a humorous, light-hearted look at life in Britain during the Georgian period, 1714 - 1830.

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And now it’s been turned into a one-and-a-half hour stand-up comedy show with stories ranging from strange Georgian pets, binge drinking, Georgian cosmetic surgery, electrified beds, smugglers, money launderers, fashion disasters, dodgy politicians and how to sell your spouse in auction!

The show is on at Pocklington Arts Centre on Wednesday September 21, 7.30pm.

The following night, September 22, Fly Half tells the tale of a rugby-playing steel worker from an industrial town in South Wales.

It is a celebration of working class families who head out to the match each week, standing pitch side with pride and supporting their local team.

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Suitable for ages 14 and over, Fly Half is a story of love, loss, community and sport, that rages against the beige of modern life and was awarded Critic’s Choice of 2018 by British Theatre Guide.

The show starts at 7.30pm.

Shakespeare fans in and around the Pocklington area can enjoy all female, three-hander version of the grim and grisly Shakespeare classic, Macbeth, which is mostly told from the perspective of the witches and is currently touring theatres, community venues, village halls and schools this autumn.

The witches will explore ideas of manipulation through the media and other external forces, whilst performing in NTC’s unique, fast-paced, and extremely physical style. ⁣

Adapted by writer and director Chris Connaughton and directed by NTC Artistic Director Louis Roberts, this will be a streamlined and very physical version of the original piece and performed in a unique, fast paced and physical style.

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The show, on September 29 at 7.30pm, will feature original music and will largely be told from the perspective of the witches.

One event for the diary is Panto Zone, which promises to take audiences into another dimension when they watch it – a dimension of laughter, a dimension of song, a dimension of silliness.

This ‘spooktacular’ Hallowe’en panto is sure to trick and treat all the family and is being produced by TaleGate Theatre, which has brought other howlers including Harry Panto and Hocus Panto.

It is on over October 26 with a 2.30pm showing.

Pocklington Arts Centre (PAC) is an multi-arts venue which has been playing an integral part in helping to establish the East Riding as a thriving arts and culture hub since opening in 2000, offering a varied programme of live events as well as exhibitions and workshops.

Visit the arts centre website for more information on the acts and start times as well as ticket prices.