Yorkshire Radio 1 stars The Sherlocks in tune with top DJ

Yorkshire indie stars The Sherlocks affirmed their Radio 1 status with a show in London with one of its top DJs.

The Sherlocks
The Sherlocks

The Bolton upon Dearne band of brothers headlined Radio 1 star Phil Taggart’s Slacker club night at Kamio in the beating heart of London.

It followed the announcement they will play an astonishing 35 landmark shows for 2017 including dates in Sheffield, York and Hull.

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They took a break from working on songs with some of the country’s best producers to play in the capital’s trendy Shoreditch district and there was even time for the inaugural live performance of an exciting new song called Nobody Knows plus some promising hints of more music to come next year.

This was the first gig since Reading and Leeds favourites Kiaran Crook, his brother and drummer Brandon, lead guitarist Josh Davidson and his brother and bassist Andy sold out some of the country’s most famous venues in September and the last before their huge nationwide tour in February and March.

“It’s great to be down here in London with Phil Taggart” Kiaran told us before going on stage.

“He’s a fan of us and we’re a fan of his work as it gives new bands like us a chance to get on Radio One. His support over the last year or so means a lot, so we didn’t hesitate to sign up for tonight.”

“I saw them at The Borderline in London in February and after that I knew we had to get them down to Slacker” said Phil, who’s just started hosting Radio One’s Specialist Chart Show on Monday night as well as 10pm to 1am on Sundays.

The Sherlocks with Radio 1 star Phil Taggart

“Now they are taking the country by storm. The Sherlocks are the best new band in the north and with everything that’s going on they’ll very soon be the best new band in the whole UK.”

The lads are as busy as ever between tours, working on new tunes and building towards their debut album that fans are so keen to hear.

“We’ve been travelling around the country trying out different producers and studios, seeing who’s right for us and who’s best for the album” said Kiaran who celebrated his 21st birthday a few weeks ago.

“There are loads of new ideas for guitars, drums or other ways to make our songs even more special. We’re still learning about what other people can bring to the table, but we’ll soon get these tracks laid down for everyone.

The Sherlocks rocked Radio 1star Phil Taggarts Slacker club night at Kamio in the capitals trendy Shoreditch

“A new tune, Nobody Knows, which we’re debuting tonight has different elements of us within the song, perhaps an even more complete sound; softer, but still rocking at the same time with Brandon’s drumming driving things forward as always.

“It’s hectic at the moment and we know it’s only going to get busier. We’re learning to go with the flow and to make sure we enjoy it and don’t over think things too much.

“There’s a lot of travelling and hanging about, but we know all the hard work means we can play places like this and festivals like Reading & Leeds, plus meet fantastic new people. Next year is going to be a rollercoaster ride, but we’re ready – with our new logo 2017 is going to be The Sherlocks Mark II !

“The next tour is our biggest yet. We could have done less, but it’s us as a band who want to play 35 dates in six weeks. What else are we going to do? The four of us have given up being students and working to devote everything to this band. If it doesn’t happen we’ll get other jobs, but while there’s a chance you’ve got to drop everything else and go for it.

The Sherlocks with Radio 1 star Phil Taggart

“Getting around the country is what we love doing - it’s The Sherlocks’ way. We’ve always done our own thing. We’re still writing our own rules and it seems to be working.

“Places like Sheffield, York, Leeds and Manchester are our strongholds, but we’re proving we can sell tickets anywhere across the country. It can be a problem for some bands, but the north-south divide is over for us.

“Our gig at The Foundry at the University is going to be special and our biggest show so far in Sheffield. We can’t wait to come back and see everyone. It’s been too long since the last time at The Leadmill in June.”

On stage in London the lads kicked off their ten song set with raucous single Last Night and Brandon’s precision drumming keeping things in check on Escapade and Live for the Moment.

The first five chords of Is it Really Worth It? and the searing honesty of Kiaran’s lyrics on Candle Light seemed even more electrifying than usual and hit home strongly with the London crowd. Even these unreleased songs are getting a devoted following in the south now.

The big sound and intricate guitar work on latest single Will You Be There?, which closed Channel 4’s Formula 1 coverage of the Belgium Grand Prix, had everyone bouncing. Legendary producer Dave Eringa from Rockfield Studios who worked with the band on that song was in the watching crowd.

The Sherlocks rocked Radio 1star Phil Taggarts Slacker club night at Kamio in the capitals trendy Shoreditch

The epic Blue, with Josh and Andy on soaring backing vocals, and long-time anthem Chasing Shadows wrapped things up. The Sherlocks are still writing and playing songs for ordinary people with extraordinary dreams. If things change in music it will a roots-up band like them leading the charge.

Earlier, London opening band Anteros played a lively set and drew a big crowd before fellow support act Ten Tonnes kept the vibe strong.

Tickets for The Sherlocks huge 35 date UK and Ireland tour in February & March 2017 are on sale now. They play The Foundry, Sheffield on Friday March 3, Welly in Hull on Saturday 4 March and Fibbers in York on Monday March 6. More at thesherlocksmusic.co.uk