Updated - Harrogate village chosen as favourite to build entire new settlement

A new settlement made up of thousands of homes could be built on prime greenfield land in the region’s most affluent district, Harrogate Borough Council has confirmed.

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Council confirms preferred site for thousands of new homes in Harrogate

Council confirms preferred site for thousands of new homes in Harrogate

A council has confirmed that thousands of new homes could be built on prime greenfield land in the region’s most expensive district.

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Graeme Bandeira's cartoon from the Yorkshire Post on Saturday.

Special report: 'Old models of mental health care must be changed in new landscape'

What must be done to improve the detection, treatment and prevention of mental health in Yorkshire and across the country?
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Michelle Dewberry: Depression doesn’t discriminate, says woman who had it all

Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry was ‘the steel pixie’. Someone made of stronger stuff, the original reality TV ice maiden, known for her ambition and determination. It was all a cover, she says, for the turmoil she was hiding inside.


Clarke Carlisle: ‘Nobody dreams mental illness will be a part of their life’

On paper, Premier League footballer Clarke Carlisle had it all. Fame, fortune, family, with a glittering career and a 
bright future. But behind a crooked smile, he was battling a nightmare of deepest depression. RUBY KITCHEN reports.

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Concerns over Yorkshire mental health provision

A critical picture of mental health provision is emerging across Yorkshire as campaigners warn of unacceptable waiting lists, a postcode lottery for care, and a crisis service not robust enough to cope with growing demand.

Alastair Campbell is a prominent mental health campaigner.

Alastair Campbell: We can’t afford not to invest in mental health

AT the end of Mental Health Awareness Week, you don’t need a pollster or a data analyst to tell you that the dial on the debate about mental health has been shifting, and shifting in the right direction.

Young Yorkshire bookworm pens story for charity in memory of older brother

Young Yorkshire bookworm pens story for charity in memory of older brother

A book-obsessed young writer has been raising hundreds of pounds for charity in memory of his older brother after putting pen to paper to compose a story about a monkey-faced bat.

By dismissing any criticism as 'fake news' Donald Trump risks undermining a free press.

YP Comment: The hard facts over fake news. A battle to uphold a free Press

NEW technology has transformed the media – and the delivery of news. Thirty-five years ago, it took days for reports to reach Britain about the latest developments in the Falklands conflict.

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The illumination on St George's Hall, Liverpool, after a second inquest ruled that 96 Liverpool fans were unlawfully killed at the 1989 FA Cup semi-final.

Andy Burnham: Hillsborough Law is chance to create a legal legacy for disaster victims

NEXT month marks the 28th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster and the first anniversary of the historic verdict of the second inquest.

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Campaigners stage a protest at Henry Jenkins pub, which they have fought to have listed as a community asset ..Picture by Simon Hulme

‘Our pub is the beating heart of our village’

Steeped in rich history, rural villages are a wellspring of local lore. From the incredible to the legendary, it’s the stories behind these street-scenes which make each what is today.

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The village of Staithes and inset, protestors object to the phone mast.

Phone mast battle ‘tearing village apart’

Campaigners fighting plans for a phone mast in one of North Yorkshire’s best known tourist spots say the battle is tearing the village apart.

There's a new campaign for women who served in the First World War to be honoured.

YP Letters: Remembering the women who died in the war

From: Lucy London, Beckenham Road, Wallasey, Wirral.

Campaigners stage a protest against the proposed demolition of the Henry Jenkins pub, Kirkby Malzeard, near Ripon. Picture by Simon Hulme

Battle to save Yorkshire pub with a famous old name

A Yorkshire legend, rumoured to have lived for nearly 170 years, has for generations been remembered by pubs bearing his name.

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Jo Cox.

Rachel Reeves: We can all follow Jo’s example to tackle loneliness

AFTER the death of my friend and colleague Jo Cox, it fell upon the rest of us to carry on her inspirational work.

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YP Comment: The key to loneliness struggle

YP Comment: The key to loneliness struggle

EVEN though there is far greater awareness – locally, regionally and nationally – about loneliness thanks to this newspaper’s award-winning campaign, it’s wrong to assume that it is just the elderly who live in isolation. More than nine million people – one fifth of the population – report that they are always, or often, lonely as younger generations begin to realise that Twitter followers, or social media navel-gazing, are no substitute for real friends.

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Jimmy Carlson, who was awarded an OBE in 2012, died on January 8 as a result of respiratory health complications, homelessness charity Groundswell said. Tributes have been paid to Mr Carlson, described as a "wonderful role model" and an "inspirational leader".

Campaigner for the homeless dies at 69

A FORMER alcoholic who spent nearly a quarter of a century sleeping rough before turning his life around and becoming a campaigner for homeless people has died aged 69.

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A group of pupils, parents, and supporters at the school who are fighting against the closure.

Tenacious parents appoint new head for threatened Dales school

Tenacious parents at a threatened Dales school have appointed a new interim headteacher despite it prompting a walk-out from teachers who they say have ‘quit en masse’.

Chris Pointon the husband of the late Dr Kate Granger, pictured with Gnorma the Gnome,Leeds..4th January 2017 ..Picture by Simon Hulme

YP Comment: Asda honours doctor’s legacy

CREDIT where credit is due. With Britain’s supermarkets frequently accused of putting profits before principle as competition for custom becomes ever more intense, it would be churlish not to acknowledge Leeds-based Asda and its support for the #hellomynameis campaign pioneered by Leeds doctor Kate Granger before her untimely death from cancer last year.

The Yorkshire Post has been campaigning on the issue since February 2014

Oldest members of society struggling to access basic services

Almost half of elderly people over the age of 85 don’t ever go out socially, new research has found, with many struggling to get to the shops or even access a doctor.

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