Picture of stunning swoop wins national photography prize

It took five months of patience and an exhausting 5,000 attempts but for Spanish photographer Mario Cea, the perseverance has been worth it.

POLL RESULT: How you voted on Theresa May and the single market

POLL RESULT: How you voted on Theresa May and the single market

The results of a Yorkshire Post poll on the UK's membership of the European single market proved to be a close call.

Changing climate: Our planet is warming and much of the evidence suggests it is man-made. (PA).

Global climate warning as the world gets warmer

Last year was the warmest on record, but is this climate change caused by man or is it just nature at work and what will the likely impact be on the UK? Chris Bond reports.


YP Comment: Action needed on pollution

POLLUTION is a killer, and tackling it is one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.

Experts say there is no data to suggest that wind farms present a problem to birds of prey.

Are wind farms killing bird life?

North of the border there have been claims that wind farms kill more birds of prey than illegal poisoning or shooting. Given North Yorkshire’s reputation as a hot spot for raptor persecution, just what is the impact of wind farms on protected birds of prey in our county?

Environment 4
The M1 near Sheffield

M1 ‘pollution’ speed cut is a Mickey Mouse idea says MP

AN MP has labelled plans to to cut air pollution on a busy stretch of the M1 near Sheffield including using piles of pollution-absorbing substances as “Mickey Mouse schemes which are bound to fail.”

Environment 1
A fracking rig.

YP Letters: Selectivity of anti-fracking movement

From: Sam Grant, Huntington Road, York.

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Glaucous gulls have been sighted at Scarborough and in other coastal locations after recent storms.  Picture: Dave Mansell

Birdwatch: Distinctive gulls on the coast in the wake of tidal surge

Seawatchers have been on the lookout for rare gulls in the aftermath of last weekend’s gales and tidal surge.

A deer herd at Studley Royal in North Yorkshire, with red, fallow and sika deer.  Picture: Gary Longbottom

Wolds Diary: Unexpected natural beauties are a special treat in the woods

It has certainly been a better week. This year looks as if it will be fun.

james Hardisty's image of Stutton woods near Tadcaster.

YP Letters: Woods that were the making of young artist

From: Michael Hildred, York.

The competition was abruptly scrapped by George Osborne in 2015.

£100m wasted on Yorkshire’s ‘clean coal’ bid

TAXPAYERS have “little to show” for £100m spent on a Government competition which dashed Yorkshire’s hopes of leading the world in clean coal technology, it was claimed today.

Environment 5
Has Friends of the Earth misled the public over fracking?

YP Letters: Frankness needed over fracking row

From: Michael Roberts, Worcester Avenue, Garstang, Lancashire.

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POLL: Will Donald Trump's presidency be a good thing for Yorkshire?

POLL: Will Donald Trump's presidency be a good thing for Yorkshire?

Do you think Trump in the White House will have a positive impact on Yorkshire?

Solar technology is set for a boost in Oxspring.

Batteries to boost solar power in South Yorkshire village

Dozens of homes in a South Yorkshire village will have batteries installed to create a “virtual power plant”, in a trial that aims to boost solar power.

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Richmond MP Rishi Sunak

Brussels sprouts: Yorkshire MP hails Brexit as end of the ‘vegetable police’

Brexit will spell the end of the Brussels “vegetable police” meddling in British agriculture, according to a Tory MP.

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Snowdrops are starting to be seen across the region. Picture: Chris Lawton.

Country & Coast: Innocent awakenings offer the first signs of spring

I saw snowdrops blooming in Wensleydale while people were still merrily wishing each other ‘Happy New Year’, yet a couple of weeks later they obstinately continue to be just green shoots in my West Yorkshire garden.

A crop of oilseed rape.  Picture: James Hardisty.

Insecticide ban costs more than farmers’ profits, study finds

Calls for a careful assessment of the impact of the EU’s ban on neonicotinoid insecticides are being made in the light of new research which claims the restriction is having major, global environmental and economic consequences.

Leaving: The European Parliament

Britain's 12 Brexit objectives: Rank them in order of importance for Yorkshire

Here are the 12 objectives for Britain's Brexit negotiations, as set out in Theresa May's speech at Lancaster House.
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A suspected case of bird flu has been identified in Lincolnshire. (Library picture)

Another bird flu outbreak in Lincolnshire, weeks after Yorkshire incident

BIRD FLU has been confirmed in a flock of about 6,000 turkeys at a farm in Lincolnshire, weeks after a similar outbreak in the Yorkshire Dales.

A fracking protester in Ryedale.

YP Letters: Don’t be distracted by issues around fracking

From: Craig Bennett, Chief Executive, Friends of the Earth.

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