Fuller: Vulnerable chick gets a helping hand in York

For the first time ever, a pair of peregrines has successfully raised two youngsters on York Minster.

A rosey starling.

Birdwatch: Rosy pastor sighted in Scarborough

A road in Scarborough became a focus for birdwatchers this week after the discovery of a rosy starling visiting garden bird feeders.

Coun Alison Teal, Calvin Payne and Dave Dillner.

BREAKING: Sheffield tree campaigners will not appeal injunction ruling

Three Sheffield tree campaigners have decided not to appeal a High Court injunction stopping them from protesting inside safety barriers.
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Inside Hull’s new £200m power plant that turns waste into electricity

IT IS a little-known fact that the Humber is the biggest exporter of waste to Europe – hundreds of thousands of tonnes are loaded onto ships bound for environmentally conscious Scandinavia and Germany, where it is used to fuel district heating plants.

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Sheffield's tree-felling scandal has made national headlines.

YP Letters: Council’s failings over Sheffield tree affair are clear to see

From: L Wilcockson, Sheffield.

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Bryan Lodge has claimed the council could be hit with a financial penalty running into millions of pounds if tree removal work is not completed this year.

Sheffield Council claims it may have to pay 'millions' if 500 trees not axed by New Year

Sheffield Council has said it may have to pay millions of pounds in penalty charges if it does not remove 500 trees from city streets by New Year.

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Jeff Platts and Helen Mariott on patrol at Ogden Water. Pic: Jonathanm Gawthorpe

Meet the countryside custodians trying to prevent drownings and fires at Yorkshire beauty spots

They are tragic but all-too-familiar stories at this time of year – young people losing their lives after getting into trouble while swimming in open water at reservoirs, lakes and rivers. In the past few months, two teenage boys have drowned, while two young girls had to be rescued from the Sparth Reservoir in Yorkshire in June.

Should fracking be opposed?

YP Letters: Fracking would bring nothing but misery

From: Irene Wilde, Slack Top, Heptonstall, West Yorkshire.

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Endangered bird boost to campaign to save greenfield

Endangered bird boost to campaign to save greenfield

One of the UK’s most endangered birds has boosted the campaign against an important green buffer being developed for a £200m industrial park.


Plastic whale’s pollution warning

TWO THIRDs of people would be willing to see charges similar to the 5p plastic bag levy applied to other single-use plastics such as bottles, cups and straws, a survey suggests.

Today gin is made with juniper berries imported from Eastern Europe, writes Roger Ratcliffe.

Country & Coast: All too rare shrub has national security role

There are just three large areas of juniper left in the Dales and I visited one of them last week on the slopes of Kisdon, which has a fair claim to the title of most beautiful hill in Yorkshire.


Sheffield Council to pursue tree campaigners for damages and £150,000 legal costs

Tree campaigners fear they could be left destitute after Sheffield Council confirmed it will pursue them for more than £150,000 in legal costs and damages. Chris Burn reports.

Councillor Bryan Lodge outside Sheffield Town Hall. Picture: Marisa Cashill

Sheffield Council to "accelerate" felling of 500 trees after High Court victory

Around 1,000 trees are to be axed in Sheffield by the end of the year - with 500 already gone since the start of legal action against protesters last month.
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What now for the Sheffield tree protesters?

Sheffield protesters considering next move after losing tree-felling High Court battle

Protesters trying to halt a "politically controversial" street tree-felling programme in Sheffield say they are considering their next move after losing a High Court fight with council bosses.
Sheffield 20
A judge has made orders stopping people taking "unlawful direct action" preventing the "lawful" felling of roadside trees.

Council wins court battle to stop protesters delaying Sheffield tree-felling

Sheffield City Council bosses have won a High Court fight with protesters trying to halt a street tree-felling programme.
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Protesters against tree felling in Sheffield.

YP Letters: Gove right to intervene on Sheffield tree felling

From: Wilma Haley, Fishlake, Doncaster.

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The grouse shooting season started on Saturday.

YP Letters: Grouse shooting on moor has failed on all counts

From: Luke Steele, Spokesperson, Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor.

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Tesco is to stop selling single-use carrier bags.

Jayne Dowle: Time that cheap plastic bags were binned for good

NOW that Tesco has announced its intention to stop selling 5p carrier bags, I might even forgive the multi-billion supermarket chain for those annoying television adverts which shove “food love stories” down our throats.


Riverford to become employee-owned firm

Food box business Riverford Organic Farmers has announced it will become entirely employee-owned by next year.

Countryfile's Adam Henson.

YP Letters: Countryfile’s good work for farming

From: Mrs Pamela Z Frankland, Dunnington, York.

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