Barnsley's Cannon Hall Farm 'amazed' ahead of last This Week on the Farm episode

Barnsley farmers Rob and David Nicholson have been "amazed" by the success of their TV show This Week on The Farm, which ends its run tonight.

Helen Skelton with Orchid.
Helen Skelton with Orchid.

The pair from Cannon Hall Farm took part in the show, which was a spin-off from Springtime on the Farm.

The show did so well - getting around two million viewers at its peak - that Channel 5 commissioned two extra episodes mid-run.

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Yorkshire-based Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson present the show, which is made by Leeds-based Daisybeck Studios.

David Nicholson fishing in Whitby.

Viewers have seen the animals including Jon Bon Pony, Pony Hadley - named after Spandau Ballet frontman Tony Hadley - who also made an appearance on the show, and new arrival Ozzy Horsebourne.

Rob Nicholson, who stars in the show with brother David, said: "We have been amazed by the response to the show. The viewers have embraced our farm and our way of life and the support we have had has been immense.

"We are now being asked for autographs and are being recognised as a result of being in a series. People seem to like us and love the animals, it's really positive."

In the final show Rob and David go to Whitby on a fishing trip recreate childhood memories and, back at the farm, Shire Horse Ruby gives birth to a foal.

Also in tonight's episode, Yorkshire Vet Julian Norton meets shepherdess Elizabeth Kneafsey, from Nottingham, and Rob and David get the chance to make their own gin.

During the past eight weeks the farmers have also been honoured by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and won an O2 lockdown award for helping keep spirits up during the pandemic.

The final episode of This Week on the Farm is on tonight at 8pm on Channel 5.