Channel 5's Friday on the Farm: The latest series from the Nicholson brothers at Barnsley's Cannon Hall

They have provided light relief and laughs through a tough time and won an award along the way.

Now the group behind a screen hit filmed at Cannon Hall Farm in Barnsley this year hope to have their next success as the second episode of Friday on the Farm airs on Channel 5 tonight (Friday) at 9pm.

Sibling farmers Rob and Dave Nicholson are again joined by presenters Jules Hudson and Helen Skelton for the informative and lighthearted take on Yorkshire rural life after the summer's This Week on the Farm, but this time the show is set primarily in the evening.

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It is made by Leeds-based Daisybeck Studios, which also produced the previous programme.

Jules Hudson and Helen Skelton. Credit: Daisybeck.

Their previous television success came earlier this year after the family farm temporarily closed to visitors, so they decided to start sharing videos to provide a lift for people isolating at home, including streaming lamb and goat kid births live.

It won them a Points of Light award from 10 Downing Street, which recognises outstanding volunteers and people who are making a change in their community, after their broadcasts to more than 150,000 viewers educated children about looking after the animals and helped people connect with nature while they were having to stay at home.

Speaking about the new show, Rob said: “I’m excited but there’s always a few nerves when the first show goes out.” He still finds it bizarre that people are stopping him in the street, but says “we’re lucky enough to meet really nice people along our journey”.

It is the latest show in Channel 5’s focus on the region which has included The Yorkshire Vet, Our Yorkshire Farm and the remake of All Creatures Great and Small.

Filming for Friday on the Farm at Cannon Hall, Barnsley. Dave Nicholson is filmed with a Highland Cow at the farm. Picture by Simon Hulme.

Julian Norton and Peter Wright, stars of The Yorkshire Vet, will making appearances while JB Gill will be involved as a roving reporter.

Mr Hudson said: “I think there’s great hope and succour in viewing the natural world going through its natural evolution.”

He added: "Just watching them (the animals) all career through the summer into the autumn with predictable and not so predictable antics is a great pleasure."

Skelton, who was born in Appleby and now lives in Yorkshire - her husband is Leeds Rhinos player Richie Myler - praised the Daisybeck staff for their hard work.

"I think it's really important to credit the team working on it.

"I've never known a team work so hard," she added.

"People are literally working through the night."

Speaking about the various shows that have come out this year, she said: "What's lovely is we're all really bowled over by how popular it's been and how well received it's been.

"It's been a really difficult year for people. We just want to put a smile on people's faces and maybe show them a world they don't know much about."

She said the new show will also have bit of "mischief".