Dan and Helen’s Pennine Adventure Channel 5: Fans share thoughts on the latest episode of the TV show based in Yorkshire starring Dan Walker and Helen Skelton as Dan faced his fear of heights and the presenters met locals in picturesque towns and villages

In the latest episode of Dan and Helen’s Pennine Adventure TV presenters Helen Skelton and Dan Walker visited picturesque villages and towns in Yorkshire and Dan faced his fear of heights - fans reacted to the Channel 5 show.

Some of the most beautiful towns and villages with rich history along the South Pennines were featured in the latest episode of Dan and Helen’s Pennine Adventure, which aired on Tuesday (August 22). Presenters and friends Helen Skelton and Dan Walker visited local people who educated them on the many traditions of the South Pennines they consistently keep alive.

They started their journey on top of the West Yorkshire landmark, Stoodley Pike Monument, that provided stunning views across the region. Following on from Stoodley, they visited Hebden Bridge where they met a 10-year-old clog-maker who took over his grandparents’ business.

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They stopped off at Saltaire where Dan jumped on a canal boat with a local historian who discusses the village’s rich history. Both Dan and Helen competed in a Black Pudding throwing competition - and Helen won. At the end of the episode, Helen helped Dan face his fear of heights when they attempted a Tyrolean Traverse at the Cow and Calf Rocks on Ilkley Moor.

Dan faced his fear of heights in latest episode of Dan and Helen's Pennine Adventure. (Pic credit: Channel 5)Dan faced his fear of heights in latest episode of Dan and Helen's Pennine Adventure. (Pic credit: Channel 5)
Dan faced his fear of heights in latest episode of Dan and Helen's Pennine Adventure. (Pic credit: Channel 5)

Fans react to latest episode of Dan and Helen’s Pennine Adventure

**Warning: Spoilers ahead**

“I'm loving the programme Dan. It's Brilliant having a friendship that You and Helen have. The people you are meeting are so friendly. Cant wait for next week.” - Lynne Dixon

“Watching it now, Helen has just dropped a hot marshmallow on her leg. One way to wax I guess. You two are a brilliant duo for a road trip too. I’ll be watching next week and onwards too. Missed the first one last week though.” - Tina Moore

Helen Skelton attempting the Tyrolean Traverse at Cow and Calf Rocks in the show. (Pic credit: Channel 5)Helen Skelton attempting the Tyrolean Traverse at Cow and Calf Rocks in the show. (Pic credit: Channel 5)
Helen Skelton attempting the Tyrolean Traverse at Cow and Calf Rocks in the show. (Pic credit: Channel 5)

“Great show. Great to hear someone talk about their faith openly on tv. I thought you were brilliant no need to preach. You spoke so much through just being yourself.” - Wendy Schipper

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“Absolutely loving this programme Dan & Helen... everything about it! Really inspiring. Such a lovely friendship between you. I thought all the people you met in tonight's episode were brilliant, really interesting. I think May (or Mae?) is fab. I would love to visit her shop. Amazing to be working at 83 yrs. It was brave to challenge your fear of heights and what a great team to support you across safely. You did it!! Looking forward to next week's programme. Thank you.” - Joy Allen

“I’m really enjoying the programme.” - Christine Giles

“A great series Dan, you and Helen work brilliantly together. Loving the places you visit too. Everyone is so very friendly.” - Jill Armshaw

Dan and Helen with Black Puddings. (Pic credit: Channel 5)Dan and Helen with Black Puddings. (Pic credit: Channel 5)
Dan and Helen with Black Puddings. (Pic credit: Channel 5)

“It’s a really feel-good programme, with fascinating facts, beautiful scenery and 2 very talented presenters who obviously enjoy working together.” - Helen Mallender

“I'm loving the show, I loved that lady Mae/May who owns the little shop on the Pennine route and well done Dan for doing that height challenge. Well done to Helen for winning the black pudding throwing competition too.” - Julie Anne

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“Loved it so many memories… I used to visit the cow and calf when we were kids with my grandparents.” - Nic Nac

“Once again, we absolutely loved it. It’s just so good to watch and you're both very entertaining too. At last we can at least look forward to something decent on the telly.” - Penny Thompson

“Absolutely loved it. You both have to do more series- maybe next time the Cairngorms?” - Joan Murdoch

“Absolutely beautiful landscapes. Love the ease of chat between you both and the people you meet. As one who has a fear of heights I couldn’t wait to see you get to the end of the line. Looking forward to next week's DV.” - Glenis Irwin

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“Great show. Beautiful scenery in a stunning part of the world.” - Christine Eyre

“Absolutely brilliant, loved that Helen got you to face your fear of heights and you are fab together.” - Rachel Cushing

“Dan and Helen are great presenters. Loved it, enjoyed every minute.” - Gill Malpass

“Real walk down memory lane for me, lots of places we used to visit from University of Bradford.” - Denise Fennell

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“Absolutely brilliant programme and such a pleasure to watch. At last something good on TV. Thank you Channel 5; Dan and Helen.” - Linda Ann King

“Loved it. Brings back memories of living up north! And loved how open you were about your faith.” - Jane Russell

“Fantastic places with great presenters. Love the grandson learning how to make clogs.” - Pauline Hoyle

“Just watched your first program and enjoyed it so much.” - Angela Barlow

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“Fantastic show, well done. Looking forward to watching your next episode.” - Peter Stephenson

“Absolutely brilliant show. Everywhere you go, everything you do, the challenges you put yourselves through is inspirational, and your friendship is amazing. Roll on next week. You bring sunshine into my home.” - Tina Parry

“Great programme and well done for overcoming your fear of heights- it’s a start- Helen gave you great support.” - Colin Preece

“Go Dan! Go Helen! Terrific programme once again. Personal insights too. Genuine friendship which is so evident. Blessings.” - Andy Stock

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“Brilliant, I loved it again. You two present and work well together lots more please.” - Sarah Ford

“Fantastic show, Dan and Helen. I did laugh at the black pudding/ Yorkshire pudding challenge. Well done for conquering your fear of heights, Dan. And thank you for sharing openly and honestly about your Christian faith.” - Eleanor McIlroy

“Loving these programmes. You’re a terrific duo, really good fun. Your genuine friendship clearly shows.” - Sandra Spokes

“Loved it Dan, Helen is so funny. I love watching the camaraderie between you both. Well done on going along the wire! I am petrified of heights too but have managed to do paragliding and a few other things to overcome my fear. Wasn't Mary from the shop an absolute delight, I could talk to her all day. Loved the outdoor hammock idea, thought she was going to get you wild camping in a Biffy bag (body bag as I call them) looking forward to watching next week's episode.” - Victoria Fawcett

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“Great series Dan and Helen and its like watching Blue Peter for grown ups.” - Roger Widdecombe

“Watched it. Really good as you were in my neck of the woods as they say. Was lovely to hear the positiveness about our area, shame you didn't make it to Haworth though where I live, but another great episode.” - Sharon Nixon

“Helen and Dan Walker, you make an amazing team on the tv. I bet you loved filming in Yorkshire. It’s an amazing place. I always love watching Helen.” - Toby Ross

“Really enjoying the series, having a good chuckle at you both tonight.” - Linda Cochrane

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“Loved it as much as last week....you and Helen and your friendship really makes good viewing.....loved Salts Mill and Ilkley.....been ages since I was there...on my to do in next month now....im Wakey it's on my chuffing doorstep...stop letting work stop me…” - Vicky Hodgson

“I really enjoyed it. I love watching your adventures together.” - Lucy Kent

“A gracious and sensitive conversation about your Christian faith Dan. Gently taking the emphasis away from one to the ONE. You’re such a gentle soul.” - Graham Cutler

“Fabulous love the obvious friendship, great viewing, second series please!!” - Lesley Hoynes

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“Great show. So sweet seeing the love and pride of the clog makers for their grandson.” - Jennie Brockhurst

“Loving this programme Dan and Helen, was worried there was so much in each episode that it would end too soon.” - Susan McNeal

“Thoroughly enjoying it. Fantastic camaraderie. Wonderful places. Saltaire is beautiful. It's a shame the Cow and Calf were shrouded in fog. That is a spectacular view on a clear day.” - Bridget Wilkie

“I am loving the programme. You are both so lovely. Well done Dan conquering your fears. Not sure I could have done it.” - Trish Owen-Wahl

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“Loved May in her shop. Your night in a hammock, hilarious. But the stunning buildings in Saltaire, awesome. Now I want to go back to Pennines, after walking the Way as Venture Scout in 1977.” - Sheila Brinkworth

“You two are amazing. Really loving this programme; beautiful scenery, laughter along the way. Just sit back, chill and relax. Absolutely brilliant, I can't wait for next week.” - Sharon Chapman

“Another brilliant programme. Especially the clog factory in our village of Mytholmroyd.” - Marion Ackroyd

“May and her shop. What a lovely lady and a well stocked shop. Brilliant.” - Sue Barnes

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“Loving the show. Greatest of respect to you going over the line. It must have been terrifying. Such an achievement.” - Valerie Cawkwell

“Watching again. Not disappointed. You two bounce off each other. What a great team you make. Love the epic views. Blows me away.” - Cathy Anne

“Loving the show hope you have a good night’s sleep under the stars.” - Jacqueline Findlater

“Brilliant love the clog making and you were extremely brave on the rope. Helen was great at encouraging you … how could you not do it. What a fab friend you have in Helen.” - Karen Goodrich

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“What a fabulous episode loving the scenery, the history and the banter you both have between you, an enjoyable hour, look forward to next week.” - Lesley Rogers

“Amazing, thank you for visiting and sharing with lots of people… I am lucky to live 10 minutes away.” - Sue White

“Love it. Wondering what date you filmed the Cow & Calf part. Last time I was there, just a few weeks ago some men seemed to be preparing for something with very long cables.” - Julie Rothwell

“Great to see the wonderful Maria Glott in Saltaire. What an amazing historian and guide she is.” - Carolyne Beckwith

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“A brilliant watch and you conquered your fears with the help and strength of a good friend! You are a good pair. I’m so looking forward to next week.” - Christine Woodhead

“Absolutely loved it. You're both such lovely, genuine people . Your friendship ,love and respect for each other comes across brilliantly . Can't wait for next week's episode. Well done to you Both and everyone else involved.” - Leanda Williams

“Great show again tonight. Loved the lady from the shop, lovely bubbly character. Well done to you too on cow and calf rocks. I would have bailed out on that one.” - Debbie Ford

“Lovely programme last night. You were brave doing the wire crossing and Helen was so encouraging... we could all do with a dose of Helen friendship. And May was fabulous!” - Penny Hutcheon

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“The relationship between you both is wonderful to watch. My heart was racing in empathy as you pulled yourself across the 2 rocks with Helen shouting support throughout. Bloomin' loving this series.” - Mari Bonn

“Great episode mum's ancestors were mill workers from Heptonstall and Hebden Bridge.i love saltaire the church and Mill are amazing and you were brave at the cow and calf.Great program me.” - Michael Holdsworth

“Loved the clog making, Black Pudding competition was such fun, the whole show is fantastic, Dan and Helen work so well as a team, perfect viewing.” - Teresa Ballard

“Great show Dan, you’re both such brilliant presenters….love the humour and your true friendship too,goes a long way.” - Barbara Simpson

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“Another brilliant watch, I can sympathise with you over your fear of heights, my heart was in my mouth every step of the way when you were on that line between the two rocks, so glad when you got to the other side! Roll on Tuesday!” - Angela Marshall

“Loving these programmes. They are feel good, uplifting and positive! Showcasing a beautiful area of our country, along with some history, lovely people, great food and of course your great friendship with the very lovely Helen Skelton. You two are the perfect pair for a fun road trip!” - Judith Chestnutt

“The extendable ‘pitch fork’ was awesome & Helen waxing her leg, hot marshmallow style Another wonderful watch, Dan & Helen!” - Elaine Caron-Viles

“Another great episode! You did brilliantly to overcome your fear and go across the rope like you did! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful scenery in these places. You and Helen are a great double-act as presenters of this show and it's obvious you have a great, genuine friendship.” - Karen Abeyasekere

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“Loving this show! How heart-warming were the family who made the clogs tonight. Lovely to hear you share about your faith Dan.” - Melanie Rankin

“Loved it again tonight Dan. It's good fun, informative and you and Helen obviously have a great friendship. Pleased you spoke briefly about your faith in that beautiful church. I am sure it does influence the person you are. Great to see the organ too.” - Liz Hart

“Love the way you both were camping out with no tent very brave of you both but it did look lovely and I loved Mary who owned the shop she was great and its great learning about all the different places you are visiting can't wait till next Tuesday night episode keep up the good work dan and Helen.” - Fiona Fionadavies

“It's great seeing our home county on TV. Shows everyone how beautiful Yorkshire is.” - Rita Margaret Cooper

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“What an interesting place Saltaire is. Will have to visit there. Really interesting program.” - Elsie Baddeley

“This is a real good watch. Makes a change to see a programme these days that feels natural without being reality tv or celeb hungry. Really enjoyed it, makes you want to pay these locations a visit.” - Neil Jones

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