Freya Cox on Great British Bake Off: Why her Yorkshire accent means she can never order a cappuccino again

Tuesday night's episode of The Great British Bake Off saw Yorkshire's Freya Cox leave the tent - but she is proud of how she left her mark even if it has led to some teasing on social media.

German week, which saw Jurgen get a Hollywood handshake and Giuseppe named Star Baker for the second time proved to be Freya’s downfall, and sadly she had to say Auf Wiedersehen to the tent.

The bakers had to perfect traditional German biscuits in the signature challenge, followed by a technical torte fit for a prince, the Prinzeregententorte before a final showstopper challenge of creating a tiered cake using yeast.

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Freya, 19, from Scarborough, has shared her thoughts about the experience of baking in the famous tent - including how her Yorkshire accent created a social media storm.

Freya Cox on Great British Bake Off

"Coming from North Yorkshire I do have an accent," she said. "I found it very funny how social media exploded at my pronunciation of cappuccino.

"I don’t think I can ever order one again! Coming from a smaller town like Scarborough I feel I have been given a great opportunity and I hope I have done them proud.

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"I have had lovely positive comments on social media about being vegan, and 'It’s A Bit of a Faff' did become a bit of a catchphrase that people liked. It’s something that I do say every day."

Freya Cox was eliminated from Great British Bake Off this week

She added: "I was the youngest baker in the tent and I am so pleased that I managed to get through five weeks. That’s halfway through after all. My baking expertise has really improved and I feel I brought the world of vegan baking if not to the forefront of everyone’s minds, to have made some kind of impact.

"Look, I have had a ball and at my age it’s one of the most amazing experiences in my life so far."

Freyasaid her appearance on the programme had sparked new ambitions and she hopes to write recipe books and share her passion for vegan baking. She also hoped to focus on vegan patisserie.

"I have learnt so much from the whole experience," she added. "But most of all that baking is such a personal thing.

Freya Cox will continue to chase her dream after her time on Great British Bake Off

"It is a way for people to share their different tips and tricks and also their different flavour ideas whilst being a way for people to come together with a shared passion. I’ve learnt so many new flavour ideas from the bakers."

Freya's fondest memory was the technical challenge in the first week in which she came second, and her worst was the judging of her pavlova which she said was "really disappointing".

She added: "My favourite challenge was the week two biscuit toy. I genuinely just felt so proud of what I put forward, and thought the brief was so clever and interesting to share our own different stories.

"I felt like we were all making the impossible possible that day, and I remember looking round the tent and just being genuinely shocked by how talented everyone was."

She has taken a year out of the psychology course she is studying at university to explore some avenues after her time on Bake Off.

She said: "I have learned so much from Paul and Prue’s comments throughout the show.Noel and I hit it off from the start. I loved his zany humour especially when he turned into ‘Where’s Wally’ that made me laugh, and I had a really good time with Matt, they are great to have around to break up the tension.

"I feel so lucky to have such a supportive family and friends. We watch the show together each week. I make a bake each week which everyone shares, and I will continue to do that. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the series and see how the bakers do."

Freya will join Jo Brand and Tom Allen on The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice tonight (Oct 22) on Channel 4 at 8pm.