Great British Bake Off: A list of Freya Cox’s showstoppers on the Channel 4 show and Paul Hollywood’s comments

Yorkshire’s Freya Cox has had quite the journey on the Great British Bake Off in the last five weeks - let’s take a look at all of her impressive vegan showstoppers.

Freya Cox. (Pic credit: Channel 4)
Freya Cox. (Pic credit: Channel 4)

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

The baker from Scarborough was the first vegan contestant in the show’s history and the youngest at the age of 19.

She managed to solidify her status as a vegan baker by using alternatives to animal products in her recipes.

On October 19, Freya Cox was the latest contestant to be eliminated from the show.

We have put together all of the showstoppers she has created throughout the show across five episodes.

Episode 1

Her all vegan ‘Floral Potty’ anti-gravity cake featured chocolate sponges filled with a kirsch (vegan) buttercream and cherry jam. All decorated with hand piped buttercream flowers.

“Flowers are my favourite thing, my mum loves flowers as well, so it’s kind of like the perfect theme,” Freya said.

“Honestly, when I first made this chocolate cake, I thought it was the best chocolate cake I’d ever had. I don’t think you’d know it’s vegan. But I’d eat cake off the floor.”

Paul Hollywood said: “I think those flowers look incredible. I think it’s delicious, you have got a nice chocolatey flavour there, a nice kick from the alcohol as well. You’ve got some beautiful textures running through there - and it’s vegan. I think you’ve done a great job.”

Episode 2

Winnie the Rocking Horse.

This gingerbread masterpiece was named after her beloved horse Winnie.

“I think it’s a test of people’s ability to really build things. We are hoping for the best with Winnie,” Freya said.

Prue Leith said: “I think that’s beautiful and I love the painting.”

Paul said: “I think it’s ok considering what it’s doing. It’s not overly hard and structurally she’s pretty sound as well.”

Episode 3

“Under the Sea” milk bread display with a turtle, crab, starfish and shells.

Prue said: “I think it’s really very amusing and I must say that the crab shell is so realistic - it’s really beautifully done.”

Paul added: “I do like the crab; it’s very neat.

“Nice milk bread; the structure’s light, it holds its shape and the sweetness levels are just right. I expected it to be over-sweet but it’s not.”

Episode 4

Chocolate and Orange Imprime Dessert. A rectangular shaped cake, with chocolate orange mousse and orange jelly. It was made with a vegan egg white substitute.

Paul said: “It’s set quite hard, it’s more like a ganache. It needed a cream [or] something in there to hold everything together.”

Episode 5

An upside-down cake.

The three tiers of Freya’s yeasted cake were topped with poached plums and soaked in a spiced wine syrup.

Prue said: “The syrup topping is delicious, unusual and lovely. But there’s a lot of oat topping and I think you could have done with a little more baking.”