Full Monty in Sheffield: Robert Carlyle pictured filming new Disney+ TV series at Meadowhall

Filming for the new Full Monty TV series have moved on to Meadowhall, as these photos reveal.

Robert Carlyle was among the stars spotted at the popular shopping centre in Sheffield, as filming continues on the new Disney+ TV series.

Carlyle, who is reprising his role as Gaz for the eight-part series, reportedly due for release in early 2023, was pictured at the shopping centre on Monday, May 23.

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This is the second week of filming on location in Sheffield, with scenes last week having been shot on the streets of Gleadless Valley and in a church and a home on the estate, which is rumoured to be home to Gaz’s tearaway daughter.

Robert Carlyle in Meadowhall (Pic: Danny Burkhill)Robert Carlyle in Meadowhall (Pic: Danny Burkhill)
Robert Carlyle in Meadowhall (Pic: Danny Burkhill)

Filming had previously taken place in Manchester, where Carlyle was spotted in a Sheffield United shirt and Paul Barber, Hugo Speer, Tom Wilkinson and Steve Huison, who are also reprising their roles, were seen too.

This had led to concerns that Sheffield would not feature as prominently in the new series as in the 1997 film which proved such a boon for tourism.

Reece Freeman, who snapped Carlyle during a break in filming at Meadowhall on Monday, said: “I saw them doing it near the old Vision Express store and I believe they were going down to JD Sports as they said that was the next location.

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Stars filming in the shopping centre (pic: Danny Burkhill)Stars filming in the shopping centre (pic: Danny Burkhill)
Stars filming in the shopping centre (pic: Danny Burkhill)

“There were a few people stopping and taking photos and a few people trying to get their attention but there was quite a bit of security trying to keep it calm. I think the memo for the scene was to just act normal and carry on walking by like obviously he was just a normal guy in Meadowhall.”

The new series will pick up the action 25 years after the heartwarming movie about a group of unemployed steelworkers who become strippers to make ends meet first won fans around the world.

All the major characters from the film will be returning, including Dave, played by Mark Addy, and Wim Snape’s Nathan, and the film’s screenwriter Simon Beaufoy and producer Uberto Pasolini have also reunited for the spin-off comedy drama series.

They will be joined by Bruce Jones, who famously played Les Battersby on Coronation Street, and another ex-Corrie star, Tupele Dorgu.

Shooting will reportedly take 20 weeks under the watch of Little Island Productions.