Asda to open its largest refill store in the country in York

Asda has confirmed it is to open its largest refill store in the country in York.

Its Monk’s Cross branch will stock more than 100 branded and own-brand products sold in loose and unpackaged format in a huge 18-bay refill zone, as it continues its drive to reduce plastic and help customers shop more sustainability.

The loose and unpackaged range includes branded favourites including Yorkshire Tea, Kellogg’s cereals, Napolina Pasta as well as an extensive range of Asda-brand cereals rise and pasta, all sold at the same price or cheaper than packaged equivalents.

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Customers visiting the store can use their own containers to buy unpackaged products such as pasta, rice, tea, coffee and cereals or alternatively buy a reusable container in store and use this instead.

Asda's refill centre in York

The refill zone in York is part of the supermarket’s strategy to remove 3 billion pieces of single use plastic from its business by 2025.

Susan Thomas, Director of Commercial Sustainability at Asda said: “Creating the largest refill zone in a UK supermarket is a real achievement and was made possible thanks to a huge cross-functional effort from Asda colleagues and our supplier partners.

We hope the sheer variety offered across our range of 100 branded and own-label loose products, plus bringing together several simple ways for customers to reduce, reuse or recycle at home, means every one of our shoppers can find a reason to participate in our offer and help move us towards refill being part of every shopping trip.”

Asda's refill centre at Monk's Cross