Uber Pet: You can now travel with your pet in an Uber which is available in Leeds among many other UK cities

With the new Uber Pet service launching in Leeds, you never have to worry about getting a dog-sitter as the new system allows you to take your pet with you in an Uber.

You can now request a ride in the Uber app to get around with your four-legged friend, whether you are visiting a friend or running a quick errand.

For a small extra fee on top of your initial trip fare, the process is simple; just choose Uber Pet when you request your next ride. Uber recommends customers bring a towel with them on the trip to protect the vehicle’s seats.

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If you are travelling with a service animal such as a guide dog, you don’t need to select the Uber Pet option as in accordance with the Uber Service Animal Policy and in accordance with the Equality Act 2010, drivers are required to transport passengers with service animals (unless the driver has a medical exemption), regardless of the ride option.

Uber Pet is now available in five cities and regions including Leeds. (Pic credit: Matthew Horwood / Getty Images)

Drivers have also been reminded of their legal obligations and they have been warned that if they deliberately refuse to transport a customer because of their service animal, they are at risk of losing access to the Uber app permanently.

Here are some commonly asked questions with their answers.

Is Uber Pet available in all UK cities?

Uber Pet is currently live in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and South West.

How many pets can you bring on Uber Pet?

You can bring a maximum of one pet per trip via Uber Pet. If you have more than one pet with you, you must notify the driver first and it’s up to them to decide if they want to take them on the trip.

What types of animals can you bring with Uber Pet?

Uber Pet is mostly suitable for dogs and cats. If you are travelling with another exotic or less common pet, your driver will have the right of refusal, so please check with your driver before taking the trip.

Does it cost extra to take an Uber Pet trip?

Uber Pet trips will cost a few pounds extra than a normal UberX trip and in addition, if your pet leaves waste, excessive hair, or damages the vehicle, you could be charged with a cleaning fee.

What happens if your pet makes a mess?

Pets are most likely to leave a little bit of pet hair or animal odour, in which case no cleaning fee will apply. However, if your pet has an accident where car cleaning is necessary (eg. urine, faeces, vomit etc.) you will have to pay the full cleaning fee.

How many people can ride with Uber Pet?

A maximum of three riders and one pet may ride with Uber Pet. It is up to the driver whether they are happy with more than three riders.

Is the pet insured with Uber Pet?

No insurance coverage is provided by Uber Pet or the drivers for pets. Your pet rides under your sole responsibility and you are liable for any bodily injury or property damage it may cause to others and their property.

Tips for bringing pets on Uber trips

1 - Make sure you have your pet restrained with a lead, harness, or placed in a pet carrier. If your driver accepts a trip with a pet which is not a dog or cat, they will need to be in a carrier.

2 - Help drivers keep vehicles clean for all riders by bringing a blanket or towel to cover the seat and avoid the risk of damage or mess.

3 - Ask your driver if they have a preference for where your pet should sit.

4 - Do not leave your pet unattended.