Extinction Rebellion set to hold protests against Drax Power Station

Drax Power Station is to be hit with protests from environmental campaign groups this week.

AxeDrax, a coalition of multiple environmental groups including Biofuelwatch, Extinction Rebellion and Save Rimrose Valley, has confirmed it is to take what it called "peaceful and creative action" against the Drax train line which transports wood pellets from Liverpool Peel Port to Drax Power Station.

Campaigners will stage a digital action and peaceful protests at multiple locations along the Drax train line which transports wood pellets from Liverpool Port to Drax Power Station.

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A spokesperson said: "These actions are calling for an end to Drax’s tree burning and its train of destruction. Actions will range from banner drops to family-friendly puppet shows.


"Campaigners will also call on MPs to transfer around £1 billion in UK renewable subsidies from biomass burning power stations like Drax to genuine renewables."

The protests are set for Friday August 14 and will see 11 groups taking action along the train line that runs from Liverpool to Drax Power Station. The campaign group insisted social distancing would be maintained during its actions.

The spokesperson continued: "Drax is already the UK’s single largest emitter of carbon dioxide, burning more wood than any other power station in the world whilst continuing to burn coal. Drax power station has now been given the go ahead to build the country’s largest ever gas power plant and is asking for substantial new subsidies, in addition to the £2.36 million a day it already receives for burning biomass."

A Drax spokesperson said: “As an operator of critical national infrastructure Drax’s key workers are operating around the clock to generate and supply the electricity the country needs during the Covid crisis.

“Drax is the UK’s largest renewable power generator, using sustainable biomass to generate the electricity that powers millions of homes and businesses.

“Since converting two thirds of the power station in North Yorkshire to use sustainable biomass instead of coal, we have delivered carbon savings of more than 80%, making Drax the largest decarbonisation project in Europe. And by pioneering bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) we could go further - delivering on our world-leading ambition to be a carbon negative company by 2030.”