New e-learning service Cademi offers holistic approach

A Yorkshire firm is so committed to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace it is offering local firms a free laughter lunch webinar next week starring a top comedian.
Are you having a laugh? Sign up for a laughter lunch on July 7Are you having a laugh? Sign up for a laughter lunch on July 7
Are you having a laugh? Sign up for a laughter lunch on July 7

Online learning company Cademi – which is based in Leeds – is a brand new learning management system provider, offering courses to suit firms of every size. It has deliberately set up its new LMS to be accessible to businesses with just one or two employees, right up to those with thousands of staff.

And celebrating their launch, and as part of their commitment to wellbeing, July 7 sees the start of its new Laughter Lunch sessions, giving burnt-out staff a reason to smile on their lunch break.

Innovative approach

Director Kevin Gillespie said by creating a new service from scratch they’ve been able to develop a mobile-led digital training system that has AI built in, learning from its users to deliver the right content and training at the right time. It sees people as a whole, not just a number on a spreadsheet, and has tailored its e-learning to cover everything that affects our mood and work performance – mental health and wellbeing, career, personal, financial, physical, family, social and spiritual.

All the sessions are delivered in handy 10-minute bite-sized segments, preventing e-learning from being an overwhelming chore. Individual membership costs less than a Netflix subscription, with monthly access to thousands of courses beginning from just £4.97 per employee.

Doing things differently

That holistic approach plays well to the services it offers, from hard skills such as accountancy or CPD training to softer skills, like how to communicate with your team or how conflict resolution, along with health and wellbeing courses.

Kevin said: “There are three big things affecting businesses as they come out of this Covid period. Firstly, there’s a massive mental health crisis, with 58 per cent (source: Champion Health) of the millennial workforce reporting anxiety and stress. It’s estimated that 70 million days of work are lost in the UK (source: Mental Health Foundation), with mental health being listed as a cause.

“Then there is a need for upskilling – there’s a massive skills gap, and many firms don’t have the tools or learning management system to deliver what they need.

“Finally, digital disruption is a massive problem, and we feel we have built a platform about people and which is for organisations that love their people.”

Laugh while you lunch

Cademi believes in honest conversations around mental health, and says that it is okay to have a bad day, and that a bad day shouldn’t always need to be an absence day.

The firm has lined up comedian Harriet Dyer to host the first in a monthly series of free Laughter Lunches, and it takes place on Wednesday, July 7. It’s free to everyone – you don’t have to be a Cademi customer. Simply follow this link to register.

Free access for Yorkshire firms

And if you are an SME owner and want to try Cademi services for your team, you can enjoy 30 days of entirely free access, with no obligation at all – you don’t even have to enter your card details, simply phone Cademi and they will get your free trial in place. Contact them on 0330 111 6616.

Find out more about Cademi’s modern, flexible way to make e-learning available to all at