When was Yorkshire's coldest winter? Readers share their stories of freezing winters gone by

As the weather cools down, we asked readers about the coldest winters of their lifetime.

According to The Met Office, the deepest snow on record in Yorkshire was in 2009 in Malham Tarn, where the snow depth was 43cm - yet Yorkshire hasn't technically seen a white Christmas since 2010, when the region was blanketed in snow.

The Yorkshire Post readers shared their stories of the coldest winters they can remember on Facebook, with the notorious winter of 1947, and 1963 coming up repeatedly.

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Read their stories to take a chilly stroll down memory lane:

A car struggles along a road during the famous winter of 1947

"I can’t remember the exact year, in Queensbury around 1989, absolutely freezing, tonnes of snow, it was horrific and my mum made me walk about 3 miles to work in snow up to my waist and when I got there the security guy on the gate asked me if I was completely mad! I immediately walked the 3 miles back as I was the only one who had gone in!" - Richard Longbottom

"1947. 1963. And early 1979 was very bad .well had lots of snow and we were snowed in for 2 days. Roads atrocious." - Beryl Godbod

"I remember a cold snap pre xmas in the late 90s. I worked in a town centre jewellers and we had to start at 6am to replenish the shop windows. -9 one morning. Made my eyeballs feel weird." - Julie Mulhall-Stead

"Tough folk in Queensbury. I remember in the late 1950's, my dad climbing out of the first floor window of our house in Vale Grove, onto the bay window roof and then jumping into the snow. He then dug out the snow that had drifted up the front of the house, so we could get out the front door! Crazy." - Sian Levy

"I'd say any year in the late 70's especially when we had to go school and then get sent home cos the boilers stopped working." - Paul Graystock

"1950s travelling to brid christmas hols visiting grandparents on Wellington rd big house large open fires lovely but very cold." - Wendy Hunt

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"63 I think.lots of football matches cancelled,and the year before I was born 1947,mum told me of having to have pathways dug along our street so people could get out of their houses." - Rita Tempest

"Not sure about the coldest but 1947 was memorable --lots of snow." - Elizabeth Henderson

"Mid 80s, it barely got above freezing for months on end." - Dale Nicholson

"47 and 63 were a bit before my time but I've heard the tales from my mum and late dad. 2010 was pretty chilly." - Judith Robinson

"1947 was a pretty cold one,a lot of snow that hung around for weeks." - Pat Blackett

"1947! The snow up to the first floor windows in Bridlington!" - Mike Gough

"2010 I recall driving to work and the temperature being -18" - Kevan Goldsby-West

"1963 all football in January & February was cancelled." - Paul Greenwood

"1963 wellies full of snow walking to school - thawing school milk out on the pipes, and ice on the inside of the bedroom windows." - Helen Burnett

"Never lol, hardy folk up in Yorkshire, never feel ta cold" - Rosie Ainley Cook

"1940 and only coal fire double glazing hadn't been invented wood windows wood doors very draftey b****y cold snow lay for weeks." - Alan Ostle

"Enjoyed 47 best only 10 sledging snowball fights,63/4 no fun car stuck in snow battling to get to work,happy days!" - Leo Phillips

"I once remember the flame on my mates lighter froze..." - Andy Daly

"The worst winter in my life time was 1947 my mum had me in December that year and she told me the snow was up to the window sills" - Lauren Beaumont

"1963. The only time our pipes froze. I was born in April 1947 but, obviously, I don't remember it." - Denise Bissitt

"1963 never got above freezing for 31 days day and night." - Paul Bramma

"I was born December 45 so don’t really remember 47 but 63 I used to go camping at Malham with a gang of mates we left our tents pitched for weeks on end because of the snow. Couldn’t do that these days fell rescue would be out searching for you or someone would pinch your tent." - Dicco Cliff