Yorkshire accent voted second most motivating in UK - and we're still top for customer service

The Yorkshire accent has previously been crowned the most trustworthy in the UK - but would you consider it motivating?

The Yorkshire accent was voted the second most motivating in the UK in a new study, with only Geordies seen as more motivating than the people of God’s Own Country.

Nine per cent of the office workers who took part in the survey, by Moneypenny, said Geordie was the most motivating accent, while eight per cent said they found Yorkshire folk the most motivating.

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The Yorkshire accent isn't just trustworthy - it's motivating too - according to a new study

Edinburgh came in third place (six per cent), followed by Eastender (five per cent) and Glaswegian (five per cent).

Yorkshire also came top in the list of the best accents for providing customer service, with 17 per cent of the vote.

Geordie came second with 16 per cent, while Southern Irish (16 per cent), Edinburgh (15 per cent), and Welsh (15 per cent) made up the rest of the top five.