Yorkshire dialect quiz: Do you know what these 12 Yorkshire words mean?

Every week in our Saturday Magazine Adam Jacot de Boinod, the author of The Meaning of Tingo, poses a vocabulary quiz from our local Yorkshire dialect.

How many of these Yorkshire words do you know?
How many of these Yorkshire words do you know?

Can you guess the correct definition of these 12 words from the three options? The answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. wark

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a) an ache

b) a steward

c) a lean deer not fit to hunt

2. trammel

a) a pole slung across a stream to stop cattle passing

b) a turnstile

c) rubbish, garbage

3. slummocky

a) quarrelsome

b) a slovenly, dirty or untidy person

c) wild, unmanageable, obstinate, perverse

4. mullock

a) a mess

b) an idiot

c) a spade’s depth in digging

5. wankle

a) a turnstile

b) to walk aimlessly up and down with short steps

c) unsteady

6. nawpins

a) perks

b) fingernails

c) small worthless apples remaining on the tree after the crop has been gathered in

7. limmers

a) trousers tied above colliers’ ankles to prevent dirt and dust

b) wagon shafts

c) the knees

8. nauped

a) hit on the head

b) angered, peeved, vexed

c) tricked, deceived

9. marlocks

a) the traces left by a stag in the underwood through which he has passed

b) sideburns

c) tricks

10. gawk

a) left-handed

b) awkward

c) to stare

11. hiddy

a) cumbersome

b) horrendous

c) hide and seek

12. keks

a) trousers

b) pips

c) white clouds blown by the wind


1. a) an ache 2. c) rubbish, garbage 3. b) a slovenly, dirty or untidy person 4. a) a mess 5. c) unsteady 6. a) perks 7. b) wagon shafts 8. a) hit on the head 9. c) tricks 10. a) left-handed 11. c) hide and seek 12 a) trousers