Chipwatch: Seagull deterrent teams to patrol Scarborough beach to stop birds stealing chips

Deliveroo has launched a ‘Chipwatch’ service - and it’s coming to Yorkshire.

‘Chipwatch’ teams will patrol Scarborough beach this summer in a bid to enable sunbathers to enjoy their chippy in peace.

Fifty-three per cent of Brits have had food stolen by seagulls, and 44 per cent have been concerned about al fresco dining in the past due to the cheeky birds.

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The ‘Chipwatch’ crew teams will be equipped with seagull deterrent devices such as reflective umbrellas and decoy hawks - and the service will be free.

The 'Chipwatch' teams aim to deter seagulls from stealing chipsThe 'Chipwatch' teams aim to deter seagulls from stealing chips
The 'Chipwatch' teams aim to deter seagulls from stealing chips

They will also be dressed in eye-catching '90s-style outfits in an homage to smash hit lifeguard show Baywatch.

The food delivery service has also teamed up with bird expert and ornithologist Dr Madeleine Goumas to create a track designed to deter gulls called ‘Bye Gull Bye’.

Diners who want to enjoy their food without the constant threat of seagull attacks simply need to head to one of the beach’s ‘Chipwatch’ zones, which will operate on a first-come-first-served basis.

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Ms Goumas said: “This is a great initiative to help the public enjoy their Summer holidays without the threat of unwanted birds, all whilst not being harmful to them.

“I partnered with Deliveroo to ensure the track was no harm to the seagulls and to use gull calls to ensure it is effective.

“Research supports the use of gull alarm calls for deterring gulls. This is the sound gulls make when they spot a predator, and it tells other gulls to keep away. We hope this track will allow people to eat their food in peace.”

The service will be available at Scarborough beach on Sunday July 24 between 10am and 6pm.