Michelin-starred Yorkshire chef reacts to being given accolade - while having to serve a takeaway menu

A top chef who is currently serving takeaways from one of Yorkshire's Michelin-starred restaurants says he "just can't wait to be serving food on plates again".

James Mackenzie, chef and owner of The Pipe and Glass
James Mackenzie, chef and owner of The Pipe and Glass

The Pipe and Glass at South Dalton in East Yorkshire was one of seven in the region awarded the accolade earlier this week - believed to be the highest number awarded in the county since the awards began.

James Mackenzie, chef and owner of The Pipe and Glass, which retained its Michelin star for the 12th year, has been shut since November. He and two other chefs now prepare takeaways for a Saturday pick up.

Today's (Saturday, Jan 30) features a menu of salt beef hash cake with fried quail egg, smoked bacon wrapped chicken breast with bourguignon sauce, followed by blood orange cheesecake.

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Mr Mackenzie said the past year had been "shocking, a rollercoaster of emotions and it's still really tough".

He added: "One of the hardest things is not knowing what the future holds, when we can reopen. We do a pick up on Saturdays - it is certainly not covering the bills, that's why we are trying to do it with just myself and a couple of chefs when we normally have a team of 14 to 15 chefs.

"We just can't wait to be seeing food on plates again, but for the meantime we are doing it to show people we are still here."

Mr Mackenzie said they were "losing money every week" but "staying positive as we know that at least we are a strong business, and when we are able to reopen, people will be knocking at the door."

Of the Michelin award, he said: "It is still one of the top accolades. It certainly puts you in a certain category. It is not just great for us but for the area too, it means people travel to us as a destination and then obviously they go round and about Beverley walking and whereever.

"It also brings with it the added pressure that people have expectations."

Tommy Banks' Roots in York was also handed a Michelin star in a first for the city.

Renowned food writer Elaine Lemm says York is one of the "most dynamic and exciting places to eat in Yorkshire".

She said: "The way they (the industry) carries on staggers me. I think it is amazing that the hospitality industry in general is on its knees and I think they are so incredible, diversifying and finding a way.

"I was just thrilled and surprised that Michelin had carried on with the awards because there are so many that are not carrying on for the time being."

The Michelin guide began to award stars for fine dining establishments in 1926 and initially only a single star was awarded.

In 1931, the hierarchy of zero, one, two, and three stars was introduced. There are currently 135 three-star Michelin restaurants around the world.