A year in the life of a Yorkshire 'man cave'

This Leeds couple have spent the past 12 months making the most of their unique garden shed conversion.

David and Mary Craven have transformed an unassuming shed into a miniature pub large enough to accommodate 12 people.

One year on, they have now released photos of a year of parties and fun in their Morley 'man cave', which boasts bar optics, a TV, beer pumps and artificial turf.

The couple have hosted 16 get-togethers in the shed during 2017, serving food such as curry and chicken casserole while their guests watched the football.

Their friends voted Dave's vodka caramel - inspired by a Spanish recipe - as their favourite drink.

Mary's daughter even donated a visitor's book, which guests have signed, and the couple have started a Hall of Fame gallery on the ceiling.

Friends have also brought back beer mats from Abu Dhabi, Australia, the US, Poland, Singapore and Lanzarote to help decorate the man cave.

Other donated memorabilia includes plaques, bottles and tankards.

Dave's son Mark was the first member of the family to build a man cave, when he converted his own shed into a Leeds United and Rhinos-themed sport den.

"All in all it has been a wonderful year in the man cave and we hope to continue for more years to come as long as friends and family enjoy it," said the Cravens.