Bronson lookalike claims jail visit snub

A MAN who looks like one of Britain’s most notorious prisoners, Charles Bronson, claims jail bosses are denying him a visit because of fears they may switch places.

Gym owner Steve Swatton, 55, who has been campaigning for Bronson’s release, has been in a year-long battle with prison authorities after being constantly refused a visiting order for “security reasons”.

The bodybuilder from Plymouth, Devon, is regularly mistaken for the category A prisoner, who is housed in Wakefield Prison, and sports the same handlebar moustache and shaven head.

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Last week he also acted as Bronson’s double during a demonstration outside Buckingham Palace in the campaign to get the infamous prisoner released.

Mr Swatton said: “I have filled in form after form, taken the matter up with the governor of Wakefield Prison, my local MP and even written to the European Court of Human Rights, but nothing is working.

“The prison keep saying it is for security reasons but won’t state what they are.

“I can only think it is because I look so much like him and they are worried we could switch places when I go see him – it’s ridiculous.

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“I’m not a criminal. I’m a hard- working businessman. I can’t understand how I could be a security risk.”

Bronson has been dubbed Britain’s most dangerous prisoner. Mr Swatton has organised fundraising events to raise awareness of the Free Bronson campaign,

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said: “All visits to Category A prisoners are subject to strict security checks.”