Wallabies reunited with owner after they escape for an 'adventure'

Wallabies have been reunited with their owner after they escaped from an animal sanctuary in West Yorkshire.

Wallabies Roxy and Amadeus escaped from Thorner Alpacas on the outskirts of Leeds

The marsupials hopped free from Thorner Alpacas on the outskirts of Leeds after strong wind brought down a large branch, which damaged the fence of their paddock on Wednesday evening.

Roxy, who had a joey in her pouch, was caught with a net on Friday after she was spotted at a nearby farm. The other escapee, called Amadeus, was tranquilized by a vet the following day in a field in Thorner.

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Owner Nathan Pearson-Clough said they have both been checked over by a vet and are happy and healthy.

He said: “They’re both safe, they’re both well and they’re eating fine. You wouldn’t think they had even been out.

“For them, I think it was an adventure. They love bushes and woodland areas and we are surrounded by that.

“They were out eating foliage like it was a day trip, but it was a bit more stressful for us obviously.”

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He added: “My main concern was making sure that they were safe and they didn't end up going into the road and causing a crash.”

After the escape, Mr Pearson-Clough alerted the police, the RSPCA and shared appeals on social media.

He urged people to phone him immediately if they spotted the wallabies, but said they should not approach the animals.

“If you chase after them or go towards them, they’re just going to hop off,” he said.

“We wanted to keep them as calm as possible, for the drug to work. The more adrenaline that's in the body of the animal, the longer it's going to take for the drug to kick in. That means they can run further away.”