Disaster Pc’s statement was changed, inquest told

An ambulance on the pitch at the fateful matchAn ambulance on the pitch at the fateful match
An ambulance on the pitch at the fateful match
A STATEMENT made by a police officer at the Hillsborough disaster saying only one of his senior officers was doing anything as fans were crushed to death was changed before it was submitted to investigators, an inquest has heard.

Retired Pc Gary Cammock, who was responsible for helping the Liverpool fans arriving by train on the day of the tragedy, wrote a hand-written statement on plain paper days after the worst ever tragedy at a British sporting event.

An inquest heard that the statement written on May 8, 1989, included a description of his attempts to help fans who had escaped the Leppings Lane terrace on the day.

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This included a passage which said: “I think only one gaffer was, as far as I was concerned, doing anything and that was Chief Superintendent John Nesbitt.”

When his statement was typed up and an annotated version sent back to him, this passage was scored out, the jury in Warrington was told.

Pete Weatherby QC, representing 22 of the victims’ families, pointed out that Mr Cammock had put his initials next to other amendments, suggesting he approved these changes, but not the changes to passages criticising the force.

He said: “You agree with me that it shows you did not agree to the amendments?”

Mr Cammock replied: “Yes, it would appear so.”

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His statement on May 8 was sent to West Midlands Police for their inquiry into the disaster, where 96 Liverpool fans died.

As crowds built up near the perimeter gates of the stadium and fans began to complain about being crushed in the run-up to the match, the inquest heard he became worried “someone was going to get seriously injured or killed”.

He said he spoke to Superintendent Roger Marshall, who gave him permission to ask stewards to open a gate to ease the crush.

Minutes later, when officers were called to the ground, he entered the stadium via the North Stand and went onto the

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