After the tornado... Six more freak weather events that shook Yorkshire

THE SPECTACLE of a tornado touching down in Sheffield last night brought back memories of other freak weather conditions across Yorkshire. See how many of these you remember...

When weather goes bad...
When weather goes bad...
When weather goes bad...

June 1956

Record rainfall of 155mm in two hours, recorded at Hewenden Reservoir, near Cullingworth in West Yorkshire

August 2000

The village of Hedon, near Hull, was hit by torrential downpours, lightning and hail which turned fields and streets white. There had been nothing like it since snow stopped play in a cricket match in Buxton, in June 1975. The tempest battered an area between York and Hull, with York Station hit by lightning four times within minutes, knocking out signalling systems and halting all trains for half an hour. A tornado was spotted off the Humber estuary, creating a spectacular water spout.

When weather goes bad...

January 2005

Severe storms caused widespread damage and disruption. Lorries overturned on the A1 in North Yorkshire, and power lines were brought down on the east coast main rail line. More than 80,000 customers lost electricity and 20,000 homes in Yorkshire were still powerless the next day.

June 2005

Heavy and thundery downpours over northern England resulted in flooding around the North York Moors. Villages were cut off, roads washed away and nine people were rescued by RAF helicopter crews when a deluge of flood water swept through North Yorkshire. Thirsk, Carlton and Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe were cut off, and an electricity sub-station in Beverley, in the east of the county, was struck by lightning.

June 2007

Record June totals and heavy rainfall across Yorkshire caused widespread flooding and disruption. One man died after being trapped in a storm drain in Hull. Another man and a teenage boy were swept to their deaths by fast-running floodwaters in Sheffield. Emley Moor in West Yorkshire was the wettest place in the country in June, recording 294mm rainfall, 435 per cent up on the average for the period. More than 27,000 homes and businesses in the Yorkshire region were flooded.

November 2010

The earliest widespread winter snowfall since 1993 with snow falling as early as 24 November across North Yorkshire. A maximum snow depth of 30 inches was recorded on 1 December in the Peak District and Sheffield.