Friday to be hottest day of the year in Yorkshire - but will sunshine last for the Bank Holiday?

Temperatures are continuing to riseTemperatures are continuing to rise
Temperatures are continuing to rise
Temperatures are rising ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend and are set to peak with a sun-soaked Friday.

But while things won't be much cooler over the Bank Holiday weekend, forecasters predict that Yorkshire could be hit by thunderstorms on Saturday evening.

Temperatures are expected to peak on Friday with highs of 27C in the scorching sunshine before dropping a few degrees over the weekend as clouds move in.

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Bank Holiday Monday is expected to be overcast with some sunny spells and highs of 18C.

The full Met Office forecast for Yorkshire:


Early hill fog across The Pennines will gradually disperse. Although some cloud will bubble up through the day, there will still be plenty of strong sunshine. It will become very warm, although along the coast cool sea-breezes will eventually develop. Maximum temperature 24C.


It will be a fine end to the day with long spells of evening sunshine. It will remain dry with clear spells overnight, and remain very mild and muggy. Minimum temperature 13C.


Another fine and dry day is expected with spells of strong sunshine. It will be very warm, although a little cooler near coastal areas with a sea breeze developing. Maximum temperature 26C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Very warm initially with strong sunshine. Mist or sea fog may roll in with a cooler feel on coasts. A chance of heavy, thundery showers later Saturday and into Sunday.

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