Margaret O'Boyle, teacher

Margaret O'BoyleMargaret O'Boyle
Margaret O'Boyle
Margaret O'Boyle, who has died at 78, was a college lecturer in business studies.

Beginning her vocation at the former Percival Whitley College in Halifax, she moved to Leeds College of Building, and was still enjoying teaching there in her late 70s.

Born Margaret Keenan in 1940, the eldest of six children, she left school and went to work for Post Office Counters, and later in the pathology laboratory at the Royal Halifax Infirmary.

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But she was drawn to teaching and to encouraging students to make the best of their education.

She switched careers in 1978 and went on to gain a place at Bradford University, in 1981. However, the day after she received her honours degree in sociology, her husband, David, died in a road accident.

She threw herself into her career and gained a reputation for being firm, but fair. She also became heavily involved in a number of charities.

She leaves a son, daughter and three grandchildren.